Tuesday, April 1, 2014

STUDENT ACTIVITIES: Around the world Celebration

Around the World Week commenced just last week, March 11-14. On Day 1, activities included watching Irish Riverdancers, Sheepherding dogs,  a piƱata, and "Climb Mount Everest" obstacle course. On Day 2, activities included African drummers and dancers, henna tattoos, and palm and card readings. Mardi Gras was also celebrated on Wenesday with the Sping Fashion Show. Finally, the 5th Annual Fairmont's Got Talent took place on Friday. Winners were chosen for Best Individual, Best Group/Duo, and Most Entertaining. Congratulations to Kristen Chung, Yanni Zhang, Calvin Xu, Tanner Lemke, Matthew Shiroma, and Kenny Smith! The school enjoyed participating in these events and celebrating the various cultures we have on campus.

-Contributed by Shela M., Spirit Commissioner, Anjali N., President - Class of 2014

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

PREP PLUS: Prep Plus Tutor Program

Prep Plus has performed well in the 2013-2014 school year. With a new tutor program started by Ms. Lola Coleman, tutors meet monthly on Mondays after school to receive training and give feedback about their tutoring sessions. Tutors help other students one or several days a week, Monday through Thursday, after school. Subjects include English, Science, Social Science, Math, Chinese, and Spanish. Samantha M., a student in English tutoring said Prep Plus helped her bring grades up while enjoying friendly conversations with the tutor. In addition to tutoring, singing in Open-Mic and Dance Alliance actively meet once a week at Prep Plus to prepare for the upcoming Prep Plus Showcase, where talents nurtured by Prep Plus shine! This year has been wonderful for our Prep Plus Program! More student participation, a strengthened tutoring program, and the return of the Prep Plus Showcase all show how much Fairmont students can do! Go huskies!

-Contributed by Yusi W., Cultural Awareness Commissioner, Jenny L., Publicity & Design Commissioner, Spencer J., Commissioner-at-Large.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Rise and Shine! Every morning, our Academic Decathlon team wakes up early to come to school and study! All sixteen Decathletes compete in Art, Music, Math, Science, Social Science, Economics, Language and Literature, Speech, Essay, and Interview.

      This year, the topic was World War I. The Decathletes dedicated their time studying all about the Great War: causes of the War, scientific innovations created during that period, economic effects of the War, music and art of the period, and Ernest Hemingway’s, The Sun Also Rises. After months of dedicated practice, the Decathletes competed on January 25th and February 1st.

The team did very well, placing 26th overall. In addition, the Decathletes won numerous individual awards, making Fairmont Prep proud.

Here is a list of the individual accomplishments: 
Ejay Choi (9th grader competing against Seniors of OC): 4th Music, 1st Math
Joanne Kwon: 4th Music, 1st Math, 4th Econ, 2nd Speech, 2nd Social Science, 2nd Interview
Ashley Kwon: 3rd Music, 2nd Math, 2nd Science, 3rd Econ
Allison Cheung: 2nd Music, 4th Math, 3rd Science, 3rd Speech
Lubna Kabir: 5th Interview, 3rd Math, 5th Speech
Annie Gulati: 3rd Interview, 5th Lang and Lit
Cristina Zhao: 3rd Math
Stephanie Oh: 2nd Math
Aaron Su: 1st Music, 2nd Language and Literature, 2nd Math, 1st Science, 2nd Social Science.

Congratulations Decathletes!

Team members would like to send a special thank you to Dr. Varnold for his support and dedication!

       Now that the Varsity Academic Decathlon is over, freshmen and sophomore Decathletes are preparing for the JV Academic Decathlon Competition, taking place on May 17th. Good luck JV Decathletes! 

       Finally, there are many senior Academic Decathlon team members who will graduate this year. The team is in great need of new members. If anyone is interested, please contact Dr.Varnold for more details.

Go Huskies!

-Contributed by Shawnnelle N., Class of 2017 Commissioner, Ashley K., Class of 2014 Vice President, Megan R., Faculty Relations Commissioner.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


 Travel Week is my favorite event of the year because Fairmont always offers my friends and I a valuable opportunity to hang out, travel around the world and learn about different cultures. This year, Fairmont offered students a fantastic chance to go to Hawaii. Unfortunately, I did not get the chance to go because I was busy finishing my college applications. However, I got the chance to interview the group leader of this trip, Mr. Prado. He said, “the 6-day trip turned out to be a great experiment.” In particular, he mentioned that he really enjoyed this special vacation before school started because it was so fun and relaxing.

            When I asked Mr. Prado to describe this trip in one word, he said ‘fun.’ Mr. Prado’s favorite part was going to the coral exhibition. “It was interesting to learn how coral could have such a big impact on the environment.” Additionally, students had a unique experience in Hawaii as they enjoyed a traditional Hawaiian feast during their visit to a Luau. Guests enjoyed food and entertainment while learning of Hawaiian and Polynesian culture. The beach cleanup was another highlight of the trip because students earned community service hours while having fun and helping to protect the environment.

            After hearing of the experience from Mr. Prado, I also had a chance to talk to Logan Okawachi, a Travel Week participant. He said this senior trip meant a lot to him because he was able to experience various things that he has never had a chance to try before, such as snorkeling and hiking in a volcano! In addition, he told me he enjoyed surfing Waikiki.

            The trip to Hawaii ended with a collective positive vibe, sure to make it unforgettable.

-Contributed by Yining X., Cultural Awareness Commissioner

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

ATHLETICS: Boy's Soccer

The Prep men's varsity soccer team consists of more than 20 players, all of whom have been playing soccer for several years. The team knows the merit of hard work, as their 2013-14 season has been rigorous so far. Matthew Tuinstra, who has played soccer for six years, appreciates the game and all it offers. "I enjoy the sport, and I like to embrace physical activity. The good thing about playing team sports is that you get to bond with other people and learn how to work as a unit. We're gonna make it to CIF this year!" The team must learn to juggle school work and athletics, which they manage very well. Men's varsity soccer will continue to make the Prep proud in the future, scoring goals in the classroom and on the field. Their current record is 4 wins, 2 losses, and 1 tie. Their next game, against St. Michael's at Trident Center on Friday, is sure to be an excellent game. Come and cheer on our Huskies!

 -Contributed by Annie G., Cultural Awareness Commissioner

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

STUDENT ACTIVITIES: High School and Middle School Debate

This past weekend, the Harker School in San Jose hosted the Nichols Invitational. Thirty-two schools showed up for the two-day public forum tournament. In an effort to align the high school debate team and middle school debate team, both programs competed at the tournament. Fairmont Prep students competed both Saturday and Sunday, while Fairmont middle school students competed on Sunday. Although this was the first time our middle schools students competed in a public forum tournament, they did exceptionally well. Fairmont students earned the following awards:

High School Students:
a) Nicholas Palmer and Sonali Narang amassed a winning record of 4-2 after 6 preliminary rounds, advancing them to the first elimination round before losing to St. Francis High School;

Middle School Students:
a) Record of 4-0:
Zaina Syed & Adrian Sarmiento
b) Records of 3-1:
Eric Frankel & Adnan Ismail
Jake Palmer & Gurveer Singh
c) Records of 2-2
Sarah Saboorian & Sahar Khayashar
Ellie Gibbons & Evan Patel
Speaker Awards:
2nd speaker: Zaina Syed
Fifth speaker: Ellie Gibbs
Sixth speaker: Evan Patel

Congratulations to all participants!

Monday, September 30, 2013

STUDENT ACTIVITIES: Debate Season Kicks Off with a Bang

The Fairmont Prep Debate Team began its 2013-14 season at the Orange County Speech League (OCSL) beginning-of-the-year tournament for novice competitors at Santa Margarita Catholic High School in Rancho Santa Margarita. The tournament was a great learning experience for both new and veteran debaters. We brought fourteen Prep debaters to compete while our varsity Prep debaters judged and coached the tournament. Young Fairmont eighth-grade debaters attended rounds to observe, learn and hone their own skills and strategies. For several Fairmont parents, it was their first time witnessing Fairmont Prep debate in action.

We earned Second Place Sweepstakes from a field of 12 Southern California schools that included Oxford Academy, Servite, Northwood, Magnolia, and Cypress.

Congratulations to the following Fairmont debate teams competing in the Public Forum Debate:

FIRST PLACE: Austin Kim and Leena Surapaneni
SECOND PLACE: Nicolas Flores and Bryan Dang
THIRD PLACE: Jonathan Joei and Colette Ngo
FOURTH PLACE: Evan Munaretto and Trey Smith
SEVENTH PLACE: Jia Xuan Li and Leo Liu

Additionally, the teams of Kelvin Hui & Yusi Wang and Mark Jung & Nathan Lin both earned 2-1 winning records. Congratulations on a fine showing to all who contributed to such tremendously successful outcomes. If this opening tournament is showing us anything about the season to come, The Fairmont Prep Debate Team is sure to have another amazing year!

-Contributed by Rickey, Fairmont Private Schools

Monday, September 16, 2013

COMMUNITY SERVICE: 29th Annual Coastal Clean Up

Date: Saturday, September 21, 2013
Time: 8:45am-12:00pm ( 3 hours service)
Location: Huntington Beach, CA. 
Students should look for the Fairmont sign as they arrive

Coastal Cleanup is the premier volunteer event focused on the marine and regional park environment in the country. By participating in the Cleanup, students help with the protection of coastal condition. It is a great opportunity for people to show community support for our shared resources, take care of our fragile environment, and learn about the impacts of marine/ lake debris and how we can prevent them.

-Contributed by Nora W., Community Service Commissioner

Monday, September 9, 2013

STUDENT ACTIVITIES: Field Day & Back to School Rally

On Friday, August 23rd, all Prep students decked out in their class colors for the Back to School Rally and Field Day. This rally was a great way for new Prep students to “break the ice” and make new friends. Meanwhile, returning Prep students were given the chance to catch up with their friends and spend time bonding with others. Students cheered nonstop as the football team and the cross country teams were introduced. Later, the Prep ASB surprised everyone with a flash mob dance to the song, “Safe and Sound,” by Capital Cities. Throughout the rally, each class participated in a spirit competition, which included events such as a “loudness” contest, a fishing game, a duck race, and a bed sheet contest. This year’s seniors, the Class of 2014, came out the winners of the rally; as a prize for their outstanding school spirit, the Class of 2014 was given a “spirit stick” and the opportunity to have their class flag hung on the flagpole, below the American flag, for the rest of the school year.

​The excitement did not end there. After the rally, students enjoyed hotdogs, watermelons, chips, macaroni salad, and lemonade in the annual “Back-to-School Barbeque.” The line was pretty long but all the students enjoyed the lunch and free time.  Some students played basketball, swings, and made new friends no matter what class they were in. At the end of the day, most students and ASB members picked up the left over trash and cleaned the park. We hope 2013-2014 will be the best year to every husky!!!! Let's go Huskies.

-Contributed by Jenny L., Krystal L., & Lubna K.