Wednesday, February 4, 2015


This January 4th to the 11th, a group of Fairmont students had the opportunity to travel all the way to Italy and explore Rome, the Eternal City. They visited many famous landmarks from the Coliseum to the Pantheon, as well as experiencing authentic Italian culture. Pasta and pizza were common and there were gelato stores around almost every corner. “It was one of the most beautiful trips I have ever been on,” said Fara Chang, a freshman. Everyone including Mrs. Kunkle and Mr. Dunn, who chaperoned the trip, had a great time, and we hope to see you out there next year!

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

ATHLETICS: 2014 Husky Basketball Team Update

To start off the season strong the Husky Basketball team renovated their team room. It looks amazing and is ready for the new season.

The Lady Huskies have dominated the basketball court so far, loosing only three games out of fourteen.  Good job!  Keep up the hard work!

Our boys basketball team has had a great start, winning eight games. With mostly juniors on the team, once they become seniors, they will have an amazing season. Keep it up boys!
Both teams have two games this week:
Varsity Boys: 6:00 pm vs. Capistrano Valley Christian on Tuesday, January 27
Varsity Girls: 7:30 pm  vs. The Webb Schools on Tuesday, January 27
JV Boys:  5:30 pm at Orangewood on Saturday, January 31
Varsity Girls:  7:00pm at Orangewood on Saturday, January 31
Varsity Boys :  8:30pm at Orangewood on Saturday, January 31

Please come out to support your Husky Basketball Teams!

-Contributed by Olivia T. and Evan M.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

ACADEMICS: National and Spanish Honor Society Induction

On Wednesday, December 10th, was the Induction Ceremony for the National Honor
Society, the California Scholarship Federation, and the Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica, also
known as the Spanish Honor Society. Students inducted into these exclusive organizations are
those that display exemplary character, honorable service to their community, excellence in
academics, and, for those in the Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica, excel in the Spanish language.
It is truly an honor to be accepted into these organizations. We are so proud of this year's
inductees. Congratulations!

-Contributed by Patty M., Class of 2017

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


This year Husky Vision season 9 is off to a great start! So far we have had 3 episodes this season and they have recieved great reviews from the audience. This year’s class has 18 people in it and Mr. Ochoa said, “This years class is one of the most productive and creative classes that I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. This class has a lot of ideas and it is very nice to see development in the students that I’ve had for 3 years.” Some of the popular segments this year include Pun Timez, Top Dawg, and Unexpectedness. Pun Timez is a new segment this year led by Bryan Dang and Sartaj Panesar, who create puns revolving around the upcoming events at Fairmont. It has gotten very positive feedback from viewers and classmate Adam Berelowitz said, “Pun Timez is a very witty segment that breaks up serious topics in Husky Vision and lightens the mood.”  This year Top Dawg is ran by Samantha Clement, the first female lead in Husky Vision history. Top Dawg is a segment that informs the audience about upcoming events on and around campus. The next episode is January 23rd and the Husky Vision team is already hard at work preparing for it! 

-Contributed by Samantha C., Leo L., & Patty Martinez

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

CLUBS: TedEd Club

Here's a special shout out to the TedEd Club! Last week they hosted a wonderful party, designed to evoke fun, creative ideas. This club is making strides in voicing the innovative and progressive thoughts of their members. Furthermore, they may be one of the most welcoming clubs on Fairmont's campus. Anyone is free to join at any time, as long as they're willing to participate with spirit! The TedEd Club is giving a voice to our students as well as encouraging new-age thinking among youth.  Please support the TedEd Club and be sure to join in on the fun if you are interested!

-Contributed by Leena S.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

COMMUNITY SERVICE: Holiday Break Opprotunities

Hey Huskies! What are you doing for the holidays? Well, it's a great time to do some community service. Remember seniors! You only have a few more months to complete your 80 hour community service requirement and now is the time to finish up. There are hundreds of opportunities that have to do with toy drives. You can reach out to your local Boys and Girls Club, CHOC, or even Kid Healthy. That is not the only option. You can visit nursing homes on December 23-25 for an organization called The Holiday Project! Take the opportunity to bring joy to your community this holiday! All the options and details are in the link at the bottom. Have an amazing Winter Break Huskies!

-Contributed by Sheryne N.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


This semester’s play, John Lennon & Me, is a heart-wrenching story about a girl with cystic fibrosis whose friendships change her life forever. Star (Joy Zhao) meets Courtney (Mina Brar) and their story begins. These two girls, with hardships of their own to overcome, start to understand each other as they eventually realize that life should be lived to its fullest. On Friday, December 5th, the cast and crew of John Lennon & Me will welcome a very special guest, Taylor Ross. Taylor was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at the age of 7 and she will be sharing her story with the audience. We strongly encourage you to come and show support for not only our cast but for Taylor as well on Friday, December 5th. John Lennon & Me will no doubt have you laughing and crying from this incredible story. Also, 50% of ticket sale proceeds will be donated to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation of Orange County.

Buy your ticket and watch the show - you will receive 1 hour of community service from Mrs. Kunkle.
John Lennon and Me:
Thursday December 4th  @ 7pm
Friday December 5th  @ 7pm
Saturday December 6th  @ 2pm & 7pm

See you in the audience!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

ACTIVITIES: Spirit Week Recap

October 20-24, our Disney themed Spirit Week and Homecoming, October 26, was one to remember. It was so refreshing to see everyone participate in Spirit Week activities as well as have fun together on the dance floor. Let's do a recap:  The seniors kicked off the week with Tomorrowland. We enjoyed a meal of chicken, biscuits, and mac n' cheese from KFC. When we were done eating we had a friendly duel in the jousting ring and then soared through the sky on a trampoline. The hallway was blacked out and decorated with chalk, funny jokes, and cool streamers and stars that made it seem like we were in the future. It also helped that the student body dressed up in metallic colors, Star Wars related clothing, and anything else futuristic they could find.

The junior class presented us with Fantasyland where everyone was welcome to wear formal attire or do the complete opposite by showing up in pajamas. The campus was decorated with a balloon arch, princess cut outs, and royal towers while the hallway resembled a castle fit for the queen herself. The L&L BBQ and snow cones were big hits with everyone who bought them, and those who didn't cast envious looks upon the delicious food. The juniors also hosted bobbing for apples, limbo, and a pie eating contest. Congratulations to Lionell Wiggins and Christina Li for being the winners of the day.

Wednesday was Frontierland hosted by the sophomore class. Everyone dressed up in jeans, flannels, combat boots, and cowboy boots and hats. The hallway took us to another world filled with cacti, jails, saloons, and western Disney characters and the campus was covered in floating cows and cacti. At lunch, tacos, beans, rice, and of course boba were served to the student body and the response was more than enthusiastic. Afterwards intense races through the bounce house obstacle course were underway and then everyone headed over to the mechanical bull. Shout out to Mr. Mendoza for riding the bull and being a good sport.

The freshman class wrapped up the week with Main Street USA. Everyone enjoyed pizza, a candy "bar," and of course, churros. It was nice to see so many high school students get excited over getting to take a ride on a train as well as faces painted by "real" princesses. Other activities to enjoy included a bounce house and a silhouette station which matched perfectly with the American themed decorations and hallway. A big shout out to everyone brave enough to dance in the middle of the courtyard and congratulations to Mrs. Coleman for winning the competition.
Spirit Week came to a close with a rally where all fall sports teams were announced, bed sheets judged, and exciting games played. Congratulations to the junior class for coming out with the win!
Sunday October 26 was the Homecoming dance. Everyone looked amazing in formal wear and luckily the photo booth was there to capture many moments. A friendly coat check kept all belongings safe while we partied on the dance floor. Everyone enjoyed themselves based on stellar dance moves and especially the big group dance. Shout out to the ASB dance committee for hosting such a successful and memorable event.

Comment below about your favorite part of Spirit Week and Homecoming!

-Contributed by Tara F., ASB Sophomore Class Treasurtary

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

CLUBS: Red Cross

Here’s a Husky Shoutout to Red Cross! Red Cross is one of the most active clubs on campus, as well as one of the most active organizations in the world. Established to achieve humanitarian goals by protecting and alleviating human suffering, Red Cross has over 97 million members. On campus, we are proud to participate in this service group’s ventures. Red Cross has raised awareness around campus and has planned an upcoming vampire-themed blood drive on October 29th. There will be a competition between faculty and students at The Prep. Save your blood for Red Cross, not for the vampires!

-Contributed by Yusi W., Gurveer S. and Leena S.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

ACTIVITES: 2014 Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week is rapidly approaching. October 27th to October 31st will be a week full of commitment to drug prevention and education. Red Ribbon Week began after Special Agent Camarena’s kidnapping, torture, and brutal murder in 1985. An organized community response began to raise awareness regarding alcohol, tobacco, other drugs, and violence. In order to raise awareness and pledge to help make the United States a drug free nation, we will have special dress days and activities.

Monday 10/27 no school

Tuesday 10/28 “Shake off Drugs”
Wear your workout clothes and join us by the flagpole during lunch as we participate in a Zumba exercise, Hula-hoop, play horse shows, and jump rope
Wednesday 10/29 “Dress Up Don’t Mess Up”
Wear a red shirt with red accessories (ex: socks, sunglasses, ties, jewelry, watches) with a school uniform bottom (ex: shorts, pants, skirt)

Pledge to be drug free-  Stop by the Red Ribbon Week table and make your pledge to be drug free

Thursday 10/30 “Dress for Success”
Boys: Dress pants, button down shirt, tie, dress shoes
Girls: Dress, blouse, skirt and dress shoes, or pants, blouse, and dress shoes
Wheel of Misfortune- Stop by the Red Ribbon Week table and take a spin to see what misfortune awaits you
I’m too smart to start- Stop by the Red Ribbon Week table and participate in this fun goggle experience

Friday 10/31 “Say BOO to Drugs”

In honor of Halloween, wear your costume to school to show you’re saying “BOO!” to drugs!  The following are NOT allowed as costumes: cross-dressing, masks, anything overly suggestive or sexual; NO JEANS (unless it’s part of your costume)

Activity: Red Ribbon Week Assembly featuring special guest speakers.