Friday, September 3, 2010

STUDENT ACTIVITIES: husky-lympics obstacle course

To kick off the school year, ASB planned the 2nd annual Husky-Lympics obstacle course challenge today on the first Friday of the school year. Students and faculty competed in their advisory groups in a series of fun (and funny!) activities. What a great way to start the year!

Freshmen show their spirit wearing their class colors!

The last challenge of the obstacle course, the wet t-shirt pass!

The first obstacle, digging for a dog bone!

Mr. Mendoza and Ms. Bruski are all smiles during the Husky-Lympics.

Senor Giustorobelo cheers on his advisory group as they compete.

The seniors set up a spirit station to deck the entire class out in their class color, yellow!

The juniors sporting their class color, red!

Seniors show their class spirit in yellow!

Matching school spirit!

The freshmen decked out in blue show their spirit!

- Contributed by Mrs. Wendy Faust, Prep Activities Director

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  1. Husky-lympics is such a great way to start the school year! I look forward to it at the beginning of every year! -anupreet


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