Monday, November 1, 2010

IN THE CLASSROOM: honors chemistry experiment

In October, honors chemistry students participated in an experiment to observe the physical and chemical properties of various elements ranging across the Periodic Table, and deduced the trends in these properties.

Students were testing combinations of different substances to see if they could deduce the atomic trends they had learned in class. Students showed that the information that they learned in class was in fact correct, and they could determine the same trends through simple experiments.

 - Contributed by Mrs. Jennifer McAdam, Prep Science Teacher


  1. I remember doing that lab last year! It was really fun learning about atomic trends. Good luck honors chemistry students!

  2. Chemistry is always fun. We get to do cool experiments! It has become one of my favorite subjects now.
    -Megan Reddy

  3. My favourite experiment in Honors Chemistry was doing titrations because the solution would turn pink once it had reached the end point. -Nikita Patel

  4. That lab was soo much fun! I always look forward to Chem labs because they are always exciting.


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