Monday, November 29, 2010

ALUMNI: from the class of 2010

Rami Harb graduated from the Prep this past spring, and is now studying political science at John Cabot University in Rome, Italy. In a recent update to some of his teachers, counselors and advisors, Rami shares what his college experience has been like, and how the Prep helped prepare him for success.

College is definitely a new change of surroundings, but my school is also very similar in ways to Fairmont. Because we have such a small student body, everyone really gets to know each other, including the students and the professors. I'm enjoying my classes for the most part this semester, a lot of introductory classes, so the lectures are mostly on topics I've already covered - but a good review never hurts! Probably my favorite class is my Moles, Spies, and Terrorists elective. Some of the case studies we covered were really interesting! It was also pretty cool because the professor would go through periods of history that I've learned about, but talk about cases of espionage I'd never heard of before. I have to admit though, the workload in general is not as heavy as I anticipated it to be, but I think it's partly because the Prep did a really good job of preparing me for an above-average workload in high school, so now in college it doesn't seem like that much.

I've been able to apply a lot of the leadership skills I learned from being a part of student government here in college. And I think Mrs. Faust's sense of design with posters, fliers, and logos rubbed onto me because I find myself designing the fliers for my school's student government events!

I'm also keeping busy outside of the classroom as well. I've joined student government, theatre, and environmental club. On student government I was put in charge of charity fundraising, so each month I work with my committee to develop new fundraising ideas for different charities. It's a very rewarding feeling being able to support these causes. I'm also a student-worker in admissions. Somewhere in the midst of all this I still find time to study! But I've always loved extra-curriculars so I'm glad I'm able to continue participating in them in college.

Rome has also been such an amazing experience. I feel like I've done a lot of growing up these past four months, become a lot more independent. I've been able to do the "typical tourist tour" of Ancient Rome and the Vatican, and I've also been able to visit a Catacomb site and Pompeii (which is truly remarkable).

Rami looks forward to visiting his former teachers when he visits during his holiday break. If you're an alumni and want to share what's going on with you, please email

- Contributed by Rami Harb, Prep Class of 2010


  1. RAMI!!
    It was awesome seeing you the other day! I hope your having a good time in Rome and good luck next semester!

  2. Rami! i hope college is going well for you!
    it was great seeing you the other day!
    rome sounds amazing!

  3. No way! That is so awesome! Makes college seem a little less scary to the rest of us (:
    Thanks for your update!


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