Wednesday, January 12, 2011

CLUBS: unicef club members visit united nations

From December 1-3, several Fairmont students had the opportunity to visit the United Nations to attend the Student Conference on Human Rights as part of the Prep's UNICEF Club, advised by Mrs. Deborah Terra.

It was a dream come true for the four of us; a once in a lifetime opportunity! Many a time, we as students have thought of raising our voices for our own rights, for things that we think children deserve but are denied, for things that we think are not just. We have raised our concerns through our writings or by joining various clubs and holding meetings. However, standing up for children and speaking for them through the most powerful platform of UNICEF was an altogether unique experience. 

We felt more powerful, we felt we got our words across, we felt we were indeed doing something for the cause of children all across the world. We were there to speak for the rights of children as human beings. Although not adults, children too have certain basic rights that need to be guaranteed to them, if at all we wish to see them develop into full fledged, happy human beings. 

At the UN Headquarters, Shabaz, Melanie, Austin, and I had the opportunity to make a presentation on the Rights of Immigrant Children. We were also exposed to various other problems that the children of the world encounter. Children deserve to live a sheltered, healthy, and carefree life within a nurturing world. But our trip to the UNICEF told us a different story. It reminded us of our responsibility as the upcoming generation to bring to the notice of our adult authority figures and all those who could do something in their capacity, that children deserve to live in a loving and just world in order to grow up to into warm, upright, and conscientious citizens.  

At the conference, we got to interact with the experts who have been working relentlessly on various issues confronting the children. We also interacted with our peers and listened to their views, discussed, and brainstormed to see what we together could do to protect child rights and prevent discrimination against children. 

The final product of our conference was the proposals that different groups put forth about our plans to help protect the rights of the child. Amidst our hectic schedule at the UN, we found time to explore New York City, walk down Wall Street, and loiter at Times Square. We came back from our trip, happy, content, and determined to fulfill our responsibility towards our fellow children who unlike us, live not so privileged lives!

Find UNICEF's coverage of the conference and additional information by clicking here.

- Contributed by Aditi Sinha, Prep Class of 2012


  1. wow! thats awesome! great job you guys! (:

  2. Great work! It's great that you are finding a way to help others who are less fortunate!

  3. Wow, this is really cool!
    Congrats on representing your club in New York! :)

  4. Sounds like this was an amazing experience! Great job!

  5. Good job guys! hope you had fun!!


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