Monday, January 24, 2011

COLLEGE CORNER: the class of 2011 awaits acceptances

Members of Fairmont Prep’s senior class of 2011 are winding down their college application process. First semester senior grades will be sent out to colleges within the next few weeks and seniors now have an anxious wait of another two months before they hear from all of the colleges and universities to which they have applied. 

Members of last year’s graduating class were accepted to more than 170 different colleges and universities and we are hopeful that the results will be similar for the Class of 2011. This year Fairmont Prep has fully employed Naviance/Family Connection, an electronic database and management system that assists students, administrators, teachers and parents with the college search and application process. Students and parents can use Naviance to conduct research on various colleges around the country. Students also use it to inform their counselors and teachers of the schools that make it to their final application lists. Teachers and counselors are using Naviance to keep track of student applications and to upload and send senior letters of recommendation and official records to the host of colleges to which our seniors apply. 

Work with this year’s junior class will begin sometime in Mid-February and Naviance/Family Connection will be the primary tool used as they begin their college search process.

- Contributed by Mr. Jonathan Dunn, Prep College Counselor

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