Thursday, January 13, 2011

COMMUNITY SERVICE: clothing drive

Join the Prep as we donate clothing to the Orangewood Children’s Foundation. Why not take the time to clean out your closet and donate your gently worn clothes? As we all know, times are tough. Show that your character counts by caring enough to donate clothes that are either too small to wear, outdated, or that you just do not wear. You can help provide warmth and comfort to those less fortunate this winter. All donated items have to be WASHED and NICELY FOLDED. Please do not donate stained, dirty or ill-repaired clothing.  

Students may choose one or two of the options below to receive one hour of community service (for up to three hours maximum). Donations must be turned in by January 21st:
   1) Two jackets or any outerwear 
   2) Three sweaters or sweatshirts
   3) Four t-shirts
   4) Three pairs of jeans or shoes
   5) Five pairs of new socks
         * Clothes for children are also welcomed!

Please bring your donated items to Mrs. Kunkle by January 21, and fill out the clothing drive form. Paws for a Cause!

- Contributed by Mrs. Anna Kunkle, Prep Community Service Coordinator

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