Wednesday, January 26, 2011

TEACHER FEATURE: mr. remy demont

Fairmont is pleased to welcome back Mr. Remy Demont, who is teaching Engineering Magnet courses and mathematics courses this term. While Mr Demont has taught at the Prep during summer school and has served as a long-term guest teacher in mathematics, he has been teaching physics and math at the university and the high school levels since 1981. Mr. Demont earned an engineering degree in his native France, and also holds an MBA from Pepperdine, and teaching credentials in mathematics, physics and French. Over the years he has shared time between his teaching career and his career in engineering, making him the perfect candidate to bring real-world knowledge of the field to his Prep Engineering Magnet students. His years of experience, a gift for working with students, and his global awareness are welcome assets to the campus.

- Contributed by Dr. Rebecca Wood, Prep Dean of Advanced Studies

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