Thursday, January 13, 2011

TRAVEL WEEK: adventure in costa rica

Costa Rica, the small country near the tip of Central America, is a country full of lush rainforest, constant rainfall, exotic animals and a variety of adventure activities. The 36 students and chaperones, Mr. Kiki Mendoza, Mrs. Carissa Montenegro and Mrs. Holly Wilson, were able to experience all the wonders of this tropical country, while also working and giving service to the local primary schools. 

The group was situated in the quaint, yet beautiful town of La Fortuna, which lies in northern Costa Rica, about 3 hours from San Jose.

They stayed on a ranch style campground, fit with 2 two=story houses with indoor plumbing and water, large dining area, soccer field, small lakes, and a natural spring pool. 

Almost every day, the students would split into 3 groups and travel to the various schools of La Fortuna to give assistance with any project the particular school needed to finish. Fairmont students helped clean and paint fences, tile new floors, sand desks, and clear out school yards and gardens.

After finishing the service projects, elementary students from one school even performed traditional Costa Rican dances and gave Fairmont students a "private" tour of their humble school grounds, while also playing games and talking the group as well. 

After service opportunities, it was adrenaline-pumping activities in the rainforests of Costa Rica! From zip-lining near the Volcano Arenal to white-water rafting on Class 4 rapids, every person on the trip experienced a wide variety of adventure activities. Students who attended this trip zip-lined, viewed and swam in a waterfall, lake-kayaked or horse-back rode through the rainforest, white water rafted, swam in natural hot springs, watched a performance by local school children, and spent a day on the Maleku indigenous reservation. Each student was definitely sad to leave this amazing country, full of beautiful scenery and friendly people, to return home. As they say in Costa Rica, PURA VIDA!

- Contributed by Payal P., Prep ASB Secretary, Class of 2012


  1. The trip was so fun and I also learned a lot from it about the culture of Costa Rica.

  2. This trip was amazing! I liked the white water rafting because I sat at the front and whenever the rapids came, I'd get soaked! I would definitely go back to Costa Rica. PURA VIDA-Nikita Patel

  3. This was THE best travel week trip!
    It was sooo much fun & these memories will last a lifetime!
    Everyday was a new experience, not only because of all the different types of activities but also because of the community service we gave to the town.
    Thanks to all the awesome chaperones! You guys ROCK! :)

  4. I went on the Costa Rica Trip and it was loads of fun! The activities were very exhilarating but it was an awesome experience for all of us that went.
    I miss our Rustic Pathways counselors very much! PURA VIDA!

  5. Heard this trip was amazing! hope you all had fun! :)


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