Wednesday, January 12, 2011

TRAVEL WEEK: fairmont goes to florida

This year, Fairmont’s Engineering Magnet Program organized its first trip across the country. Fourteen students in Engineering Magnet, Medical Magnet and others interested in the sciences travelled to Orlando, Florida to gain behind-the-scenes’ access to the Kennedy Space Center, the three theme parks within Disney World, and Universal Studio’s Islands of Adventure.

In addition to the fun and the bonding, students also experienced once-in-a lifetime educational opportunities. At the Kennedy Space Center, students spent time with a NASA educational expert who spoke to the students and led them in a hands-on engineering experience. The students also spent the day touring NASA’s crown jewel and learned about the space program, past, present and future.  

At Disney World, the students were admitted to the Magic Kingdom two hours prior to the opening of the park and were given a behind-the-scenes experience led by a Disney educational specialist. The special Physics and Engineering Program further exposed the students to theoretical topics and their applications within Disney World. Topics included the concepts of pneumatic and hydraulic pistons, motion, and centripetal force. The highlight for many of the students was the opportunity to ride Space Mountain twice, once with the lights on, exposing the entire structure of the ride.  

- Contributed by Mr. Cory Hand, Prep Math Department Chair

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