Thursday, January 6, 2011

TRAVEL WEEK: photos & updates from new orleans

We were excited to get an update from our Travel Week group in New Orleans this morning! The Prep's annual Travel/Project Weeks runs January 3-7, and Dr. Rebecca Wood and Senor Pablo Giustorobelo are chaperoning the New Orleans service trip, and had this to share:
New Orleans certainly has had its setbacks in the past several years. While it has been in the news recently due to the oil spill in the Gulf, it was most shocking for us to see that so much devastation still exists in New Orleans. There was a lot of work to be done, and that is exactly what the 18 we did. Our group helped restore a charter school and a community center in neighborhoods still recovering from being under 10 or more feet of water, and we worked with an environmental group dedicated to preserving estuaries. We rolled up our sleeves, got dirty, covered in paint, and our muscles were sore, but when you see how much the people of New Orleans have been through, it’s natural to want to pitch in. We also toured Tulane University, saw where the levees first broke, and visited the historic French Quarter, all the while enjoying Cajun music, culture and cuisine.
Prep travelers at Tulane University.

Performing community service.

Thursday night in New Orleans Prep travelers had a fantastic time sitting next to musicians, and Nassim K. captured this video of the experience.

- Contributed by Dr. Rebecca Wood, Prep Dean of Advanced Studies

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  1. New Orleans seems like such an amazing city. The musicians sound fantastic, Nassim!


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