Wednesday, February 2, 2011

CLUBS: leadership training provides new ideas

“No task is too big or too small…” was the message given on Thursday, January 27 at the Prep’s Club Leadership Workshop. Renowned motivational speaker Jill Esplin helped many of Fairmont Prep’s club and student body leaders realize the power they have to make a difference. 

One of the many favorite activities the group participated in was everyone stood in a circle with their eyes closed and hands held out for something. After a minute, everyone was told to open their eyes to discover a Starburst candy! Slowly students began realizing that not everyone received a piece of candy. Some very generous students offered their candy to those who did not receive anything. Jill then pointed out that this was a huge problem on our campus. Many students do not receive anything on campus from a friendly smile to a club invitation. Ms. Esplin helped the students in attendance realize that maybe by greeting students in the hallway or in the morning as they arrive could brighten up their day! 

The group did many other fun activities and even took a personality quiz. This quiz helped many leaders recognize the strength of combining people of different personalities to have a successful club. The rest of the day was filled with tips for clubs like how to attract new members. 

Jill ended the wonderful workshop by saying that time was more important than money. And that all the time in the world is priceless compared to all the money in the world.

- Contributed by Megan R., ASB Freshman Commissioner- at- Large, Class of 2014

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