Friday, February 11, 2011

HUSKY HOWL: to our decathlon team

Fairmont students participated in the Orange County Academic Decathlon the past two Saturdays. The Prep was represented with 13 students for the competition. The Huskies competed in 10 events and walked away with an astounding 25 total medals.

Decathlon Team: Coach Dr. Varnold, Anna, Austin, David, Grant,
Jon, Kirsten, Kurt, Melanie, Nigel, Nithya, Patrick, Phorum

The events include economics, math, art, music, speech (both prepared and impromptu), essay, language and literature (which included the novel Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck), social science and "Super Quiz. " The "Super Quiz" category was geology this year. 

The major theme for decathlon this year was The Great Depression. We examined the music, art, history and economics of the Great Depression. As part of "Super Quiz," we examined the history of the earth and how geology helped to create the Dust Bowl conditions during this time. 

Students met at zero period everyday and during the Prep's Travel Week in order to get ready for this competition. 

The awards ceremony was held last night, February 10th, and the team walked away with a 4th place team medal in Division 2. Mr. David Jackson, Fairmont Private Schools' owner, attended the ceremony and pointed out that we were the only private school who was competing in our division. Way to go, Fairmont! 

Prep students Jon Chin and Austin Lee were the top winners in Orange County in their respective grade categories and won scholarship money from OCAD. The team is coached by Dr. Bob Varnold, Prep Science Department Chair. Additional awards for the Prep included:

    Nithya Johnson, 2nd Essay
    David Chung, 4th Essay, 3rd Lang. and Literature
    Jon Chin, 4th Music, 3rd, Math, 5th Individual Overall
    Kirsten Nicassio, 5th Lang. and Literature, 5th Social Science
    Melanie Lim, 5th Math, 3rd Speech
    Anna Phan, 3rd Math
    Grant Liang, 3rd Math, 4th Super Quiz
    Phorum Sheth, 5th Social Science
    Patrick Choe, 3rd Art, 5th Music, 5th Interview, 3rd Math, 3rd Speech
    Austin Lee, 2nd Essay, 2nd Art, 1st Music, 5th Lang. and Literature, 
           2nd Math, 4th Social Science, 1st Individual Overall

The 9th and 10th grade competition will be held in May and your 9th and 10th graders can still join the decathlon class and try out for the team.

- Contributed by Dr. Robert Varnold, Prep Science Department Chair & Decathlon Coach

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