Monday, March 7, 2011

ADVANCED STUDIES: engineering week

During the week of February 21-25, Fairmont Prep’s Engineering Magnet Program joined the rest of the country in celebrating engineers and the important work they do.  

Tuesday, February 22nd: Select Fairmont students received a special invitation to join the Boeing Corporation in their E-Week activities. After hearing from keynote speakers and a panel of engineers, Fairmont students joined the Boeing catapult and paper airplane competition. Nithya Johnson, a Fairmont sophomore, tied for first in the catapult competition before dropping to third in the runoff competition.  

Thursday, February 24th: Fairmont Engineering Magnet students traveled to UCI to join the university in its celebration of engineering. Students learned about engineering from a university perspective, they also learned about diverse options for majoring in engineering, and transitioning from high school to college. The students split into groups to develop a water filtration device using a two liter bottle, pipe cleaners, cotton, coffee filters, and baking soda.   

Friday, February 25th: Boeing Technical Fellow Isaac Jeng came to Fairmont to teach engineering classes for the day. Mr. Jeng’s presentation to the students included the difference in areas of engineering, what qualities it takes to be a successful engineer, and what it is like to be an engineer. His presentation culminated in a projectile accuracy competition.

- Contributed by Mr. Cory Hand, Prep Engineering Magnet Outreach Coordinator

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