Tuesday, March 15, 2011

ALUMNI: from the class of 2006

Faisal Dadi graduated Fairmont Prep in 2006. While at Fairmont, he did not have a favorite teacher, as he liked all his teachers! Looking back, "Mr. Dossen was the most memorable," shared Dadi. His favorite class at the Prep was honors physics with Mr. Dossen.

Outside of school, Faisal volunteered at St. Joseph Hospital and Relief Internation. At school, he was the ASB Sophomore Class Treasurer, joined the Make-a-Wish Foundation and Junior Statesmen of America (JSA). He also participated in the Science Olympiad. When reflecting on his extracurriculars, he said, “At the time I think I considered the activities as padding for college applications, but looking back, they allowed me to explore interests outside of the narrow high school curriculum and meet people with similar interests.”

After high school at the Prep, Faisal attended UCLA as pre-med student majoring in Biology. At UCLA, he joined the Pre-Medical Peer Association and the American Medical Students Association. He also participated in research of the genetic origins of Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy.

When he was asked how Fairmont Prep prepared him to attend the university of his choice, he replied, “Going from a private school with a graduating class of between 90-100 students to a large public university with freshman class sizes of 150-200 students was not an easy transition at first, as I went from having a very personalized education to becoming essentially a number.  Fairmont was where I gained self-confidence and academic experience that helped me handle college life and a college workload without difficulty.”

- Contributed by Nakul M., Prep ASB Rally Commissioner, Class of 2013

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