Sunday, March 20, 2011

HUSKY HOWL: to the cast & crew of the senior play

A huge Husky Howl goes out to all those involved with this year's Senior Play, Good Luck Andy! Funds raised through this student-directed and produced play will go to help relief efforts in Japan on behalf of the Class of 2011 - this is estimated to be more than $1,200. Congratulations!

Good Luck Andy! was the story about a man who showed great love and affection towards the family, friends, and acquaintances around him. Although sometimes quite peevish, all he wanted to see was other people happy. Everyone got annoyed of him very quickly, and he was taken for granted. Andy was then diagnosed with a non-removable brain tumor. He realized his life was over and he could not be saved. In the final days of his life, Andy was determined to make everyone around him happy. He expressed his emotions for his true love, Larisa Greenhart, and asked her to marry him. Andy was also able to find Dr. Andrew Bass the love of his life, Susan Rose. Making everyone around him as happy as he could, he could not take the pain anymore. Andy passed away, yet he would always be a memory in the hearts of the people around him.

There is nothing more distressing than a man who does not realize he is disconnected from the world. Performed on March 18th and 19th, this year's student written Senior Play, Good Luck Andy!, focuses on one such man. A doctor jaded by the failures of the practice and the inherent difficulties in the medical field, Dr. Bass needs to find his way back to passion and feeling. This will occur through the use of a catalyst, Andy, who is full of life and vigor. This change happens gradually while these two men meet a number of people along the way such as a mother without a child and a hypochondriac. These men also face a number of problems and the story considers how they face them. This play, told in non linear fashion, seeks to develop the theme of change and acceptance. 

Good Luck Andy! was written and directed by Phorum Sheth, Class of 2011, and assistant directed by Heidi Messiha, Class of 2011. Good Luck Andy! was the Prep’s annual senior play, and truly illustrated the beauty of life and how it cannot be taken for granted. Mr. June Yoon, head of the Theater Department, described Phorum Sheth’s play as “brilliant and spectacular”. This play is truly one to remember in Fairmont Theater history. 

- Contributed by Tanmay A., Prep ASB Cultural Relations Commissioner, Class of 2012 & Nassim K., Prep ASB Junior Class President, Class of 2012

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  1. This was the best tragedy I have ever seen!


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