Friday, March 4, 2011

HUSKY NEWSROOM: career day



The Prep hosted its annual Career Day today, March 4, and welcomed more than 20 professionals from various fields to speak with our students. Speakers included:

Alan Rudi
Information Technology
Andrew Gallagher
Mechanical/Aerospace/Avionics Engineer
Bharat Patel
Hospitality/Real Estate Development
Bill Lewis
Civil Engineer
Bridget Soden
Principal + creative director/Graphic Design
Captain James Pakianathan
David Marchand
Debi Evans
Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM)
Dr. David Okawachi
Dentist - Pediatrics
Lora Wilson
Dance/Movement Therapist
Matthew Nalamilieng
Medical Student
Dr. Rajeev K Ambe
Doctor - Internal Medicine
Steven Cote
Uwe Gemba
Jill Thomas
Kelly Kroona
Group Manager - Contiki Tours
Chad Morgan
Video Game Designer
Sarah Wilkinson
Adam Tullis
Medical Student
Jordan Limor
USC Video Game Design student

Students came to school all decked out in business casual attire, ready to meet these dignified professionals, talented artists, and generally fun and friendly adults. These adults kindly dedicated their time to the students in order to share information about their careers and allow the students to ask questions about the fields they are interested in.

This year had an amazing variety of guest speakers, and it was clear by the animated chatting during breaks that the students found their speakers fun and interesting, and learned a lot about new careers. Among the speakers were a lawyer, two medical students, a doctor, a graphic designer, and many other phenomenal guests. The speakers were enthusiastic and had some great presentations planned; for example, the dance/ movement therapist session involved ribbons and other fun, therapeutic toys, and students were actually walking down the halls with video games tucked under their arms, courtesy of the video game programmer. 

According to Erika Altamirano, "The turnout was great this year, and I loved each of the speakers I saw. Since I’m going to college next year I’m glad I had the opportunity to hear about some of the possible careers I could have in the future." 

This event wasn’t only beneficial for seniors, however; all students took this opporunity to explore a little bit before thinking about college majors. Payal Patel, a Medical Magnet junior, simply raved about the visiting architect, who contributed to the restructruing project in Glasgow, Ireland. All in all, it was an amazing experience, and a big thanks goes out to everyone who had a hand in planning this event. It was a great success.

- Contributed by Heidi M., ASB Clubs Commissioner, Class of 2011
- Photos by Kevin K. and Dave J.

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