Monday, March 21, 2011

HUSKY NEWSROOM: unicef's tap project

This past week, the Fairmont Prep UNICEF Club hosted a booth at the Anaheim Hills Junior High Theatre Production, “Grease”. This was because the theatre department decided to donate $1 from every ticket sold towards the UNICEF Tap Project. 

The Unicef Tap Project is a campaign of the U.S. Fund for UNICEF that raises money and awareness about the clean water needs of children in third world countries. This year, the funds raised from the Tap Project will be directed towards Togo, the Central African Republic, and Vietnam. 

In addition, the Fairmont Prep's UNICEF Club has been and will continue selling water bottles along with meals during this year’s Around the World celebrations. All proceeds from this fundraiser will go towards the UNICEF Tap Project.

Another major part of the Tap Project is restaurant participation. During world water week, March 20-26 (this week), select restaurants all over the country participate in the tap project by asking their patrons to donate $1 for the tap water that they usually enjoy for free. To do your part, you can simply visit the tap project website at and find out which restaurants in your area are participating. Then, you can dine at that restaurant during world water week and donate the $1 towards the Tap Project. 

- Contributed by Nakul M., Prep ASB Rally Commissioner, UNICEF Club Officer, Class of 2013

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