Monday, March 21, 2011

IN THE CLASSROOM: spanish with senor g

Spanish with Senor Giustorobelo is a school favorite. With never ending humor and his fun attitude, Senor G. makes learning Spanish entertaining and easy. Senor G. rarely lectures the class; instead, he emphasizes practicing the language. Students are given a white board and a dry-erase marker, and they conjugate various verbs to help them to truly understand a concept. Also, Senor G. uses games such as vocabulary bingo and tournaments to prepare students for quizzes and tests. This year, in CP Spanish II, students are watching a TV series called EXTRA. Although it is definitely to a challenge to understand, the class learns a lot. Also, in honor of March Madness, the class recently had a tournament where students were forced to identify vocabulary words on the screen with a pointer. The contestant who was the fastest moved on to the next round. All in all, Spanish is a great class!

- Contributed by Sonali N., Prep ASB Freshman Class Vice President, Class of 2014

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