Monday, March 21, 2011

MUSIC: performance details from the honolulu music festival

On Wednesday March 9, Fairmont Music bid goodbye to California and said “Aloha!” to Honolulu, Hawaii. These talented musicians were of course not there for vacation, they were in Hawaii with a purpose. Their purpose was to sing, dance, and play their hearts out for the Hawaiians and judges at the Honolulu Music Festival. On Saturday March 20, 2011, they did just that. 

Concert Choir
On competition day, Concert Choir performed three songs: The Prayer, No Air, and Somebody to Love. The singers, dressed in their usual long and elegant green dresses, were nervous before they stood on the risers. But as they situated themselves onto the risers, heard the music ringing all around the room, and saw Ms. Stacey Barta’s smiling face, Concert Choir eased into their competition mode. Immediately Fairmont Concert Choir seized the audiences’ attention. Even the little chattering that one normally hears was silenced with their first notes. The audience was trying really hard to hold back their applauses until the end of the performance as Ms. Barta had asked them to do so. Finally, with an astounding last chord of Somebody to Love, Fairmont Concert Choir received a standing ovation with loud whistling and clapping from the entire audience. The native Hawaiians and choirs of other schools were definitely impressed by the small but powerful 15-member concert choir. The Husky soloists, Rachel Mount, Paul Lee, Namrata Mohan, and Alfrie Nguyen, received praises from both the audience and the judges. The proud Husky Musicians took home a score of 96; this might be their best year yet! 

Show Choir
Fairmont Show Choir as they stunned the Hawaiians and the judges in the Honolulu Music Festival with their amazing choreography and their shiny Lady GaGa-inspired outfits! Show Choir performed three pieces of music: Do Somethin’, The Way I Are, and Lady GaGa mashup. Since Show Choir was the first group to perform from Fairmont Music, they were extremely nervous. The dancers/singers were getting ready the night before competition. They had to rise early in the morning to finish their makeup and hair. The process was hard work indeed. Rachel Mount, taking the lead in helping the show choir girls with makeup and hair, showed excellent Husky leadership. Although these dancers/singers were having difficulties in preparation for competition with their chorography and vocals, they rocked their performance with precise movements and immeasurable energy. Being the only music group that singed and danced, Fairmont Show Choir showed the judges and the audience something new and exciting. As Show Choir took their bows, the audience jumped up from their seats in joy and amazement. The dancer/singers received a high score of Ninety-eight, raising their rank to yet another level.

- Contributed by Hilary M., Prep ASB Community Service Commissioner & Concert Choir Member, Class of 2013

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