Friday, March 11, 2011

STUDENT ACTIVITIES: day one of around the world

Students from the Prep & FIA celebrated the first of several days worth of fun activities to celebrate the many cultures of the world. Our annual Around the World international celebration kicked off today and we celebrated North, Central & South America, Europe, and Australia! The day's events started off in the gym with performances by Hana Hou Polynesian Dancers:

The dancers brought unsuspecting students on stage and taught them a few moves. Enjoy this video of Daniel, AJ, Barbara and Jomanna learning how to Polynesian dance:

Up next we welcomed Chapman University's swing dance team, the Swing Cats. They performed an upbeat routine that entertained the audience. Enjoy a brief video of their performance:

Following the Swing Cats' performance, they brought students up and taught them how to do some basic Charleston moves:

Once the performances were done, the activities during an extended lunch period began! Students were greeted by a stilt-walking Scottish man as they exited gym:

Delicious tacos and quesadillas were served from Paulina's Tacos:

Students climbed the Alps... well, an inflatable version:

And many enjoyed the inflatable bungee bull ride:

We loved having live music from a three-piece Mariachi Band:

And we were glad to have our UNICEF Club on hand to sell bottled water - funds raised will benefit UNICEF's Tap Project:

We're looking forward to Day 2's activities next week to celebrate Asia, India & the Middle East, and Africa... word on the street is we'll have a pretty cool special guest... and I'm not LION (ehem)!

- Contributed by Mrs. Wendy Faust, Prep Activities Director

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