Monday, March 14, 2011


Fairmont Preparatory Academy prides itself on producing outstanding young men and women that positively contribute to a global society. Our students consistently gain acceptance to the top schools around the country and never cease to amaze us with their drive and passion for excellence. 

One way we can ensure our future success as a school is to retain the best and brightest from our Mable, Anaheim Hills and Edgewood campuses. To that end, we are pleased to share our new Husky Elite program that is geared toward honoring the top ten students from our feeder campuses and offering them a merit based award if they continue their high school education at the Prep. The Prep hosted a reception for these outstanding students to honor their achievements. Congratulations to the Husky Elite class of 2015!


- Contributed by Mr. Robert Mendoza, Prep Headmaster

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