Wednesday, March 23, 2011

STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: jason perdue, artist

Every year students taking an art class are given the opportunity to enter the City of Anaheim's Trash Art Contest, a project asking contestants to create an artwork from trash. It's no surprise that art aficionado Jason Perdue, Class of 2012, rose to the challenge. He has been working hard creating a Coca-Cola can man. Every fourth period, Jason spends his art class sawing away at plastic tubes, clipping red soda cans, and putting them together to make a giant can stick figure, which takes much more patience and time than it would seem. Students and teachers have helped Jason by purchasing (and enjoying) Coca-Cola. While the final piece is still at work, we can expect Jason's Coca-Cola man to exceed all expectations. Check out Jason's work in progress in the art room!

- Contributed by Barbara H., Prep ASB Senior Class President, Class of 2011

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