Thursday, March 31, 2011

TEACHER FEATURE: mr. clayton hatfield

English in Mr. Clayton Hatfield’s class is ALWAYS exciting because he encourages student discussion and free thought. Currently in his third year of teaching at Fairmont, Mr. Hatfield is enjoying his time immensely. He is extremely excited to be the new English Department Chair, since he loves working with his colleagues while maintaining the excellent standards for Fairmont English classes.    

Mr. Hatfield’s favorite aspects of teaching are the intelligent and unique in-class discussions he and his students have daily. He appreciates seeing the different perspectives students create regarding the books they read and how they relate these thoughts to current events, general knowledge, and literary works. Although Mr. Hatfield’s loves to read all genres and types of literature, his favorite novel is The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway and his favorite poem is The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

Mr. Hatfield inspires his students because his passion for teaching is almost tangible. Students are motivated by the works they read and are able to think as individuals because of the open discussions he moderates.  Mr. Hatfield is one of the best teachers at Fairmont because he encourages students to work hard and love literature with the same enthusiasm he has every day.

- Contributed by Rusheel N., Prep ASB Treasurer, Class of 2012

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