Thursday, March 24, 2011

TEACHER FEATURE: mr. mark hassoun

Mr. Mark Hassoun teaches math at Fairmont Prep, and his classes are always filled with information and laughter. This is a little interview between a student and Mr.Hassoun:
  1. Why do you enjoy teaching Calculus AB? "It’s enjoyable because I’m usually working with a group of talented students who are interested in math."
  2. Which chapter do you like to teach most? "I like to teach integrals."
  3. What other math courses do you teach? "Statistics CP, Algebra I, College Algebra and Geometry during summer school."
  4. Why do you have a little cafĂ© in your classroom? "I was given the ex art room with a sink and extra space, so I decided that a little “kitchen” would be perfect in the space."
  5. Many students think that you dress very well. What do you think about that? "I’m flattered and I’ll do my best to keep the image and NOT disappoint my students." :D
  6. If you could choose another subject to teach, what would it be? "It would be fashion and style. Our society is in desperate need for fashion and style tips." *laugh* 
- Contributed by Kelly N., Prep ASB Junior Class Secretary/Treasurer, Class of 2012 

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