Wednesday, March 16, 2011

TEACHER FEATURE: ms. katy bruski

Ms. Katy Bruski has been working at Fairmont Prep for four years. She teaches CP and Honors English 1 and Honors English 2. She was born in Chicago, Illinois and enjoys hiking and running on the beach. She also really wants a puppy, so if any of you want to get her a present you'll know what to get her! Her favorite candies are Snickers, Cherry Starburst, and Swedish Fish. She loves her students and looks forward to coming to work every day. She is passionate about teaching and wants the best for all her students.

She received her BA in history from Colby College in Maine, and her MA in secondary education (English) from Claremont Graduate University.

In addition to teaching English, Ms. Bruski serves as the Freshman Class Advisor for the Prep's ASB and has coached the girls soccer team. Ms. Bruski wants people to know that they can be successful in anything they want to, but they have to put in the effort and work for it 100 percent. 

- Contributed by Christy P., Prep ASB Freshman Class Secretary/Treasurer, Class of 2014

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