Tuesday, March 22, 2011

TEACHER FEATURE: ms. patricia aguilar

Ms. Patricia Aguilar is known on campus as THE art department, as she is the one and only art teacher at the Prep. Ms. Aguilar has managed to juggle graphic arts and design classes, art classes (including IB and AP), and yearbook. Out of the three, her art classes haven noticeably become increasingly popular. 

Despite the fact that she is the only teacher, she has brought something fresh and fun art projects to the Prep. She has been exposing her students to different mediums of art, the different histories cultures of art, and have taken her students on two field trips to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the J. Paul Getty Museum, both a first for the Prep students that has left them in awe. 

She has also given lessons on different artists and art styles to broaden her students' artistic view. Ms. Aguilar has taught her students to draw from still life, sketch other students posing, how to use oil pastels and watercolor, and most importantly, express their individual creativity. 

Currently, Ms. Aguilar is teaching her classes to shape and sculpt vases and bowls from old-fashioned clay, a project that has students wanting to stay after the bell has rung.

- Contributed by Barbara H., Prep ASB Senior Class President, Class of 2011

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