Wednesday, March 23, 2011

THEATER: spring play preview

The Prep's drama department is preparing for the dark drama/comedy FLUNG, which will show April 28-30 in the Prep Theater. The story is of four adult siblings having a gathering at a summer cottage on Lake Michigan two years after their father's death. They have specifically assembled to scatter their dead father's ashes from atop his favorite sand dune. Meryl, played by Nassim Kavezade, is on the verge of a divorce from Jim, played by Keith Shaller. Win, played by Genesis Lovo, is nine months pregnant. Matthew, played by Sean Kang, is about to lose custody of his kids in a nasty court battle with his ex-wife. And 20-year-old Jade, acted by Cindy Alvarado, wants to get married - and quickly - to her boyfriend Devon, played by Drake Plunkett. As all the characters struggle to come to terms with their past and present lives, they, at the same time, gain insights about themselves, their father, and each other. 

- Contributed by Nassim K., Prep ASB Junior Class President, Class of 2012

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  1. I'm so excited for Flung! It sounds really interesting!


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