Friday, April 15, 2011

STUDENT ACTIVITIES: commissioners for 2011-12

The Prep's 2011-12 Executive Council and ASB Advisor interviewed nearly 50 outstanding candidates for ASB Commissioner positions for next year's student government. Congratulations to the following students who have been appointed to positions to serve their school:

Athletics Commissioners
Hunter Marston
Mohini Sharma

Clubs Commissioner
Benjamin Harrison

Surbhi Bansil
Hilary Ming (co-chair for Teacher Appreciation Week)
Megan Reddy
Rose So (co-chair for Red Ribbon Week)

Communications Commissioners
Nakul Makkad
Anjali Narang

Community Service Commissioner
Nathaly Basto

Cultural Awareness Commissioner
Jomana Abdallah

Design Commissioner
Aashna Parekh

Faculty Relations Commissioner
Justin Bredahl

Internal Affairs Commissioner
Tanmay Asija

Music Commissioner
Simran Singh

Publicity Commissioners
Lubna Kabir
Ashley Kwon

Rally Commissioners
Danielle Kim
Nikita Patel

Spirit Commissioner
Shawn Pan

Student Relations Commissioners
Christy Park
Anupreet Singh

Technology Commissioner
Nikhil Narang

- Contributed by Mrs. Wendy Faust, Prep Activities Director


  1. Congrats to everyone! Im looking forward to a great year!- Kaitlyn

  2. I am so happy!!!!

  3. I look forward to working with this fantastic ASB! -Megan R.

  4. Great job to all who interviewed for commissioner positions! You ALL blew Executive Council & Mrs. Faust away with your amazing ideaas and school spirit!
    Congrats to the 2011-2012 ASB Members! Next year is going to be fantastic! :)
    -Payal P.

  5. Congrats to all~!- Ashley K.

  6. congrats to everyone! i hope you all have an amazing year! (:
    - Sejal D.

  7. Congrats everyone! It's gonna be a great year :)
    -Rose So

  8. Congrats to everyone. I'm looking forward to work with all of you to make another great year at Fairmont Prep. :)

  9. Looks like next year is going to be awesome!! Congrats everyone!

  10. Thanks to everyone who came out to the football game this friday!!! we loved your support so come out more often!!!!! <3 - danielle


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