Thursday, April 7, 2011

TEACHER FEATURE: mr. michael wheeler

Mr. Michael Wheeler, a California native, is a charismatic and motivating teacher who has worked at Fairmont for eight years. He has taught an array of classes ranging from 9th-11th grade English, IB Philosophy, writing classes, and a variety of different electives. 

Mr. Wheeler graduated Cal State Fullerton as English major, but didn’t immediately start teaching English. He spent years working in the car industry, working on cars, and driving trucks all across the country. He even worked in some big name car companies such as Honda and Chevrolet. 

In 1999 though, Mr. Wheeler decided to pursue a career in teaching English. He worked in local schools including John F. Kennedy High School, and Saddleback Valley Christian High School, and in 2003 found himself at our own Fairmont Prepatory Academy. He has certainly made his mark at Fairmont, known as the awesome English teacher who is in love with the book The Great Gatsby. He has served as the boy’s and girl’s golf teams faculty advisor, involved with comedy sports, has served as the National Honors Society advisor, and has also gone on a cornucopia of travel week trips, which include Japan, Italy, England, Florida, and Fiji. In his free time he loves to get out and play golf, watch the shows Dexter, and The Tudors, and eat Costco churros. Mr. Wheeler is a young, hip, and cool English teacher so make sure you stop by Room 3 and say “what’s up” to him! 

- Contributed by Simran S., Prep ASB Technology Commissioner, Class of 2012

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  1. Haha oh, Wheels! I haven't even had him as teacher and I still love him :) He's awesome


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