Tuesday, April 12, 2011

TEACHER FEATURE: mr. nick ochoa

Mr. Nick Ochoa is completing his first year teaching at Fairmont Prep, but this is not his first year here in general. Mr. Ochoa is  Prep graduate from the Class of 2004. A few of Mr. Ochoa's hobbies include watching baseball, playing video games, watching movies, and making movies. Mr. Ochoa was inspired to become a teacher by his interactions with teenagers and seeing his influence on them. He enjoys teaching history specifically, because he is able to make the material enjoyable and break it down easily. When asked, "What dead historical figure would you go spend a dinner with?" Mr. Ochoa responded that he would eat dinner with Franklin D. Roosevelt due to the fact that he was able to be a good and effective leader in a tough presidential term. One fact that people may not know about Mr. Ochoa is that he worked on a documentary called Teenage Paparazzo that is soon set to come out on DVD. Mr. Ochoa is thrilled to be part of the Fairmont family. 

- Contributed by Ajith S., Prep ASB Junior Class President, Class of 2012

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  1. Did the documentary ever come out? I'm intrigued..!
    -Amanda Kwak


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