Tuesday, April 5, 2011

TEACHER FEATURE: mr. steven duxbury

Mr. Steven Duxbury has been teaching at Fairmont for eight years now. He teaches the IB History of the Americas 1 and 2, and AP Macroeconomics courses. He enjoys to riding motorcycles, playing baseball, watching films, playing video games, and occasionally plays basketball in his free time. Mr. Duxbury's interest in history was sparked by his 10th grade history teacher who made history exciting for Mr. Duxbury. When asked, "What dead historical figure would you go spend a dinner with?" Mr Duxbury responded that he would go out with President Andrew Jackson, due to his chivalrous behavior in defending his wife's honor. One fact that people may not know about Mr. Duxbury, was that he was featured on TV as part of the Crystal Cathedral (present-day) Youth Choir. Fairmont is fortunate to have a caring teacher like Mr. Duxbury.

- Contributed by Ajith S., ASB Junior Class Vice President, Class of 2012 

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