Friday, April 15, 2011

TEACHER FEATURE: mrs. jennifer mcadam

Mrs. Jennifer McAdam has been a chemistry teacher at Fairmont Prep since 2009. She teaches both honors and CP Chemistry classes. A student interviewed her so we can get to know her better.

  1. What do you like about teaching high school? And why did you decide to teach Chemistry? "I like working with kids and I have always loved chemistry. I think chemistry is a fun and exciting subject and want to share my enthusiasm for chemistry with the Fairmont Prep students. I want them to see that even though it can be a challenging subject it is incredibly interesting and exciting also. I came from teaching college the last few years and I decided to teach high school because I wanted to get to know my students better and really have the chance to show them limitless possibilities that chemistry has." 
  2. It’s been two years since you first started at Fairmont. How do you like the school and the students? "I love Fairmont and the students. The students here are so smart and very amusing to work with. They are so smart and such great kids! We love doing experiments as much as possible. There is nothing like learning through application." 
  3. What is the best memory that you had with the students in your chemistry classes? "The best memory I have was watching all the final project videos; they were on acids and bases The students were very creative. It’s great seeing not just their ‘science’ side, but also getting to see their creative sides. Very entertaining!"
  4. If you could take the students on a field trip to learn more about chemistry, where would you take your students? "I would take my students to the Nuclear Power Plant in San Onofre. I think it would be wonderful if the students got to see how a nuclear power plant works. It would be a great learning experience."
- Contributed by Kelly N., Prep ASB Junior Class Secretary/Treasurer, Class of 2012

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  1. I LOVE YOU MRS. MCADAM!! you make me WANT to love chemistry!


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