Friday, May 27, 2011

WEEK IN REVIEW: may 23-27


Thursday, May 26th was graduation day for the Class of 2011. Students, faculty, families, alumni and other guests joined together at Pearson Park in Anaheim to celebrate this milestone in our students' life. Valedictorian Heidi Messiha and Salutatorian Sakib Dadi (pictured above) shared their thoughts on high school, and moving on to college, and keynote speaker Tyler Durman encouraged the graduates to love and serve others as they moved on to college.


Mr. David Jackson, President of Fairmont Schools, Inc., shared memories of some of our graduates from their early Fairmont days, and then it was time to award diplomas to the excited students. Congratulations, Class of 2011! We're proud of you!

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Calendar for Next Week
May 30 - No school (Memorial Day holiday)
June 3 - minimum day

- Contributed by Mrs. Wendy Faust, Prep Activities Director


The Prep's ASB officers for 2011-12 had their first official meeting yesterday after school. They had the pleasure of meeting with the Prep's graduation speaker, Tyler Durman, prior to his commencement address. Tyler shared several poignant stories with our student leaders, and left everyone inspired to show empathy to one another - to see things through another's eyes. He left us with this touching thought: "People don't care what you know, they want to know that you care."

Tyler's message will help start this dynamic group of students off on the right foot as they begin planning for next year's activities and events. Thank you, Tyler, for your inspiration!

- Contributed by Mrs. Wendy Faust, Prep Activities Director

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: awards ceremony

On May 24, Fairmont celebrated its extraordinary students with an award ceremony that distinguished a student’s specific talent. Earlier in the day awards were given to the senior class during the annual Senior Farewell. Awards given Tuesday night were for all 9th-11th grade students. The awards given are based on progress throughout the year, and only one student is picked from each class subject. The award represents not only a good grade in the class, but the student’s understanding of the subject. This year’s ceremony commenced and six thirty sharp, although food and beverages were provided for those who came early. Payel Patel, 2011-2012 ASB President led the Pledge of Allegiance to begin the evening. Ms. Ghandi and Mr. Mendoza followed with brief speeches of their own, which led into the distribution of awards. The celebration came to an end with the distribution of the class awards, and students and parents attending the ceremony were able to munch on snacks and talk to friends.

For a list of all award recipients, click here. Congratulations to our outstanding students who were honored!

- Contributed by Mona F., Prep ASB Sophomore Class Vice President, Class of 2013

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: senior farewell

Coach Tom Caffrey poses with recipients of the Athlete of the Year awards

Earlier today the Prep celebrated its graduating seniors, the Class of 2011, with our annual Senior Farewell. Seniors started the day with a breakfast hosted by the Alumni Association, and enjoyed time with their classmates to sign yearbooks. The entire student body and faculty were on their feet as the seniors processed in to the gym in their cap & gown to Pomp & Circumstance for the Senior Farewell program.

It was announced that this year's senior class was awarded $2.3 million in scholarships to college, and accepted to more than 200 universities in 38 different states. Click here for more about where our Class of 2011 will be heading.

Senior awards were given for excellence in the classroom, in athletics, in leadership, and for overall contributions to life at Fairmont Prep. For a complete list of award recipients, click here. Special awards are given annually recognizing the top members of the class. Pictured below are these award winners:

Heidi Messiha, Valedictorian
Sakib Dadi, Salutatorian

President's Award
Headmaster's Award
Dean of Academics Award
Dean of Advanced Studies Award
Dean of Students Award

A special tribute was made to Coach Tom Caffrey, who is retiring after 51 years of teaching, 12 of which were here at Fairmont Prep. In the coach's honor, the Athlete of the Year Awards have been re-named the Coach Caffrey Athlete of the Year. See photo above for a photo of Coach Caffrey with the first recipients of this award, Alan Shim and Tavleen Kochar. We'll miss you, Coach!

- Contributed by Mrs. Wendy Faust, Prep Activities Director

Sunday, May 22, 2011

STUDENT ACTIVITIES: promenade d'elegance

The Class of 2012 hosted Fairmont Prep's 2011 Prom Saturday night at the Crevier Classic Car Museum in Costa Mesa. Students and their guests danced the night away to an amazing DJ, surrounded by hundreds of beautiful cars and car memorabilia. 


Congratulations to the 2011 Prom Court:

Prom Queen: Crystal Le & Prom King: James Kim

Senior Princess: Regina del Carmen & Senior Prince: Rakesh Patel

Junior Princess: Timothea Pham & Junior Prince: Rusheel Nayak

Guests feasted on an ice cream sundae bar, custom cookies, and delicious cupcakes to eat, and enjoyed playing pool and classic arcade games when they were dancing.




Special thanks to Ajith S. & Kelly N, our junior class officers, and Mr. Yoon, junior class advisor, who planned the evening.

- Contributed by Mrs. Wendy Faust, Prep Activities Director

Friday, May 20, 2011

WEEK IN REVIEW: may 16-20

Theory of Knowledge Final Presentation
The entirety of the Mrs. Montenegro's TOK classes were to create and perform a mini-play parodying the IB diploma and its courses. The students collaborated and came up with an Inception-based play that would eventually lead to the dreamers (played by Hermina Sobhraj and Grant Liang) to join the IB program. Teachers were asked to attend the play Thursday to watch their students' interpretation of the last two years.


The skit opened with Hermina and Grant falling asleep, resulting in a dream that would change their high school lives. On the first level down, with Dr. Wood (Kirsten Nicassio) discussing with Mrs. Espinoza (Arianne Kalra) about convincing the sophomores to join IB. On the second level down, the juniors were already taking IB classes, going through classes and teachers and listening to their catchphrases. Finally, on the third level down, the idea that joining IB would impress colleges hit the two dreamers, who were then "kicked" back to reality. The skit closes with Hermina and Grant agreeing that joining IB would be a good idea, to which Dr. Wood replies she has already made their schedules.

Despite the short time students had to come up with the skit, it was a tremendous success that evoked much laughter from the faculty. Music numbers, which had their lyrics rewritten to fit the IB program, were performed by Phorum Sheth, James Kim, Heidi Messiha, Erika Altamirano, Nicole Mang, and Sejal Desai. Goofy imitations evoked a great deal of laughter from the audience and the skit officially concluded the end of these seniors' last final!

- Contributed by Barbara H., Prep ASB Senior Class President, Class of 2011

Additional Posts of Interest

HUSKY NEWSROOM: just ducky

It's that time of the year! The seasons change, the flowers bloom, and... the ducks come on to the Prep's campus? Recently after school, faculty and students have been noticing vagabond ducks lurking by the Prep's front office. After practice, rehearsal, or work time, the people leaving for home from the Prep have noticed these birds and for a few days, the biggest question at school seemed to be, “Have you seen the ducks here after school?” The bird couple has been enjoying their time in the front lawn's sprinklers and the food fed to them by the late-stayers after school. They were even able to draw out "awwww"s and smiles from their onlookers. Though they were strangers, these two ducks were not a nuisance, but a pleasant surprise. However random these ducks were, they were a reminder that Fairmont becomes an instant home to all!

- Contributed by Barbara H., Prep ASB Senior Class President, Class of 2011

Thursday, May 19, 2011

HUSKY NEWSROOM: fund raiser at ruby's

The Prep's Parent Association is hosting a fundraiser next week, and it's easy: all you have to do is eat out! Any time from next Tuesday to Thursday, May 24-26, go dine at Ruby's in Anaheim (just off the 5 freeway at Lincoln) and present this flier, and 20% of your food & non-alcoholic drink sales will be donated to our Parent Association!

Please tell your friends - or better yet? Bring them with you! This is the perfect place to stop for a pre or post Awards Ceremony or Graduation meal! Ruby's serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, so stop a few times. And don't forget to bring a flier! Hope to see you at Ruby's next week!

- Contributed by Mrs. Wendy Faust, Prep Activities Director

THEATER: spring play review

FPA Theater Arts always comes up with something to impress us. This year’s spring production of Lisa Dillman’s Flung has been no different. While a comedy, Flung contained a very strong element of drama that we have not often seen in our productions, and it was done extremely well. 

The play is about four siblings, the Cotters, who have gathered at their father’s summer cottage on Lake Michigan to scatter his ashes two years after his death of cancer. Their father was a mysterious man who left his first wife to marry another woman, Ginny, who is the mother of the youngest of the Cotter siblings, Jade. Meryl, Matthew, and Win, are the children of his first marriage. 

All these siblings have their own problems. Jade, an outspoken, funny young girl played by the adorable Cindy Alvarado who finds everyone to be an “absolute muffin!” wants to marry her boyfriend, Devon, played by the rising talent Drake Plunkett. Little does Devon know that Jade is pregnant. Matthew, played by the talented Sean Kang, is the only one of his siblings who stayed to live with his father after his divorce from his mother, and he is about to lose custody of his children after a nasty divorce from his wife. 

STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: gates millennium scholar

Congratulations to Michael Liao, Fairmont Prep’s first Gates Millennium Scholar

Michael knew something was up when his mom arrived to pick him up from school. It was an ordinary April afternoon, but his mom couldn’t stop smiling – and, for good reason. After completing an extensive application process which included multiple essays and letters of recommendation from Prep College Counselor Mr. Jonathan Dunn, Michael discovered he was a winner of the Gates Millennium Scholarship! 

The nation’s largest scholarship program, the Gates Millennium Scholars (GMS) Program, awarded 1,000 high school seniors nationwide with good-through-graduation college scholarships this year. Scholarships can be used to pursue degrees in any undergraduate major at the accredited college or university of the recipients’ choice. Established in 1999 with the goal of developing the next generation of America’s leaders, UNCF’s Gates Millennium Scholars Program is funded by a $1.6 billion grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Michael plans to put his scholarship to good use at UC Berkeley this fall where he will study engineering – he is interested in both civil engineering and aerospace engineering. He also hopes to continue the Scholars of Ghandu Club he first started at Fairmont Prep. In fact, it’s his commitment to community service and his leadership skills that helped him land the prestigious Gates scholarship. 

As part of the club, he and five club members flew to Africa from June 18-26th last summer and taught at the Ghandu Primary School in Kenya. They lived with families there and taught math, science and other subjects to students in grades 1-8. The Prep students even introduced their pupils to Cal competitions! In addition, Michael returns to his former elementary school in the city of Hohhot in Inner Mongolia each summer to teach English.

Congratulations, Michael on winning the well-deserved Gates Millennium Scholarship. We are very proud of your achievements and your focus on helping others. We wish you all the best at UC Berkeley.

- Contributed by Mrs. Danyelle Knight, Fairmont Private Schools Director of Communications

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

ADVANCED STUDIES: what is the international baccalaureate program?

For the past couple weeks, juniors and seniors have been taking International Baccalaureate (IB) exams. The IB is an international program with many requirements and exams, making sure that each student has fulfilled different areas of knowledge. One of the most intense tasks of an IB student is the extended essay. Each student will pick a subject they would like to study, formulate a question, and research intensively on the topic culminating into a 2,000 word essay. 

Aside from the extended essay, students must complete internal assessments in each of the subjects. In the IB program, students learn to effectively write about each of the subjects studied. Fairmont is one of the few IB schools in the area and the program is a great way to challenge the students' studies. In addition, the IB requires students to get creative and involved during high school with the CAS requirement (creativity, action and service). Students must complete hours during their junior and senior years. Also, learning becomes very interesting when taking the IB Theory of Knowledge class! 

Sophomores - trying to decide whether or not to join IB? Talk to one of 40 junior and senior IB diploma candidates! They would be happy to help you out!

- Contributed by Regina D., Prep ASB Vice President, Class of 2011, IB Diploma Candidate

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

ATHLETICS: cheerleading tryouts & clinic

Don’t miss out! Have an exciting year supporting your school’s team sports and raising the spirit of Fairmont Prep through special events.  Learn cheers, stunts, technique, and dances from Coach Bradley to perform at games, pep rallies and possibly competitions. Join us for a clinic and coaching opportunities to prepare you for tryouts. This is open to all students that are going to be in grades 9-12 in the 2011/2012 school year!

Clinic: June 7th and 8th from 3:30-5 p.m.
Try-Outs: Thursday, June 9th @ 3:45 p.m.

Pick up your try-out packet from Coach Alves for more details. 

- Contributed by Coach Mark Alves, Prep Athletic Director

Monday, May 16, 2011

STUDENT ACTIVITIES: prom picture packages

Capture Prom memories by taking photos with your friends - individual, couple & group photo packages are offered. Click the photo above to see all available packages. Cash or checks to "Pacific Images" for payment, please. See you at the dance on Saturday!

- Contributed by Mrs. Wendy Faust, Prep Activities Director

HUSKY NEWSROOM: hybrid summer school

The Prep's hybrid summer school program is recognized as one of the top hybrid learning programs in the country, and one of 40 high school programs highlighted in a spring 2011 report by Innosight Institute. 

Our hybrid summer school courses combine the best of traditional classroom instruction with online learning. Students attend class part of the time for discussion, labs, projects, and group activities, while completing 40-60 percent of the course online.

  • Instruction by award-winning Fairmont faculty
  • Classmates from throughout Southern California
  • Students learn on their own time and at their own pace - from the convenience of any Internet connection
  • Courses can be taken for advancement or for remediation (advance approval from your school counselor is required)
  • High academic performance and outcomes - studies show that on average, students in hybrid courses perform as well or better than in strictly classroom-based courses
Visit for additional information and to register today!

- Contributed by Mrs. Jamie Gonce, Fairmont Private Schools Director of Summer Programs

Friday, May 13, 2011

WEEK IN REVIEW: may 9-13

Seniors' Last Day of High School
Today marked the last regular day of high school for the Class of 2011. During lunch, all students enjoyed a visit by up and coming recording artist, Manika. Her first single, “Just Can’t Let You Go” will be released later this month, and she performed it along with a handful of other songs. Manika was founded by Michael Jackson’s long-time manager, and the video for “Just Can’t Let You Go” features Lil Twist, and will be released in June. Prep students agree, she's a great performer, and they can't wait to say they saw her perform before she made it big! Thanks, Manika, for helping us celebrate our seniors' last day of high school!

Read more about Manika on her website, and enjoy photos from today's performance at the Prep:






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May 16-18 Senior Finals
May 18 Parent Association Meeting (8:30 a.m. in the library)
May 19 Grad Nite
May 21 Prom