Wednesday, May 18, 2011

ADVANCED STUDIES: what is the international baccalaureate program?

For the past couple weeks, juniors and seniors have been taking International Baccalaureate (IB) exams. The IB is an international program with many requirements and exams, making sure that each student has fulfilled different areas of knowledge. One of the most intense tasks of an IB student is the extended essay. Each student will pick a subject they would like to study, formulate a question, and research intensively on the topic culminating into a 2,000 word essay. 

Aside from the extended essay, students must complete internal assessments in each of the subjects. In the IB program, students learn to effectively write about each of the subjects studied. Fairmont is one of the few IB schools in the area and the program is a great way to challenge the students' studies. In addition, the IB requires students to get creative and involved during high school with the CAS requirement (creativity, action and service). Students must complete hours during their junior and senior years. Also, learning becomes very interesting when taking the IB Theory of Knowledge class! 

Sophomores - trying to decide whether or not to join IB? Talk to one of 40 junior and senior IB diploma candidates! They would be happy to help you out!

- Contributed by Regina D., Prep ASB Vice President, Class of 2011, IB Diploma Candidate

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