Wednesday, May 11, 2011

ALUMNI: from the class of 2010

Mattie Motazedian, class of 2010, is a freshman at Boston University (BU) double majoring in photojournalism as a communications major, and foreign policy & world order as an international relations major… with a possible minor in theatre. Fairmont prepared Mattie for college in the following way: “Well… first, it got me in. I’m not convinced my recommendation letters or constant essay revisions didn’t have something to do with that. *cough, cough, Mr. Dunn*  But more importantly, Fairmont taught me what competition meant. I’m definitely always competing, gradewise, with my peers and that type of competition is fairly unique to Fairmont. A lot of the people I meet here tell me they never had to compete in high school.”

Academics is not the only thing that helped Mattie get into BU. Her extra-curricular activities helped her grow and become a well-rounded student and exemplary citizen. "I was in softball, Invisible Children Club, ASB, theatre, yearbook, Big Brothers Big Sisters Club and served as a Student Ambassador. On top of that, I did a lot of outside community service. For me, I think extra-curricular activities really made Fairmont special. I was surrounded by really caring and hilarious faculty and not trying to sound corny, but they made me who I am today."

By participating in extra-curricular activities, Mattie was given the confidence to run for president of the student council at BU. "Balancing so many activities really gave me a well-rounded personality and the ability to manage my time." Her most recent passion is working with the non-profit, Invisible Children. “It sparked something in me. When I came to college I became incredibly involved with the organization at BU and nationally. Right now I’m involved with the 25 Campaign which has me pledging to be silent for 25 hours in protest of the last 25 years of war in Central Africa. I’m fundraising and trying to give the victims of the LRA back their voices. Without Fairmont, I’m not sure I would ever have gotten this far in helping others all the way across the world."

Mattie’s advice to current Prep students is as follows: “Take your AP tests seriously, I’m serious. I know everyone says this, but don’t waste your time in high school. If you think Fairmont is hard, you’re in for a reality check… high school is the easy part. College is much, much harder. So ENJOY YOUR LIFE AND SMILE. And get close to at least one of your teachers, they care about you.”

- Contributed by Mrs. Anna Kunkle, Prep Community Service & Alumni Coordinator

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  1. I completely agree with Mattie high school goes quick, sometimes too quick. College maybe look fun, it's a lot of work and more time consuming then you would think.


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