Friday, May 20, 2011

HUSKY NEWSROOM: just ducky

It's that time of the year! The seasons change, the flowers bloom, and... the ducks come on to the Prep's campus? Recently after school, faculty and students have been noticing vagabond ducks lurking by the Prep's front office. After practice, rehearsal, or work time, the people leaving for home from the Prep have noticed these birds and for a few days, the biggest question at school seemed to be, “Have you seen the ducks here after school?” The bird couple has been enjoying their time in the front lawn's sprinklers and the food fed to them by the late-stayers after school. They were even able to draw out "awwww"s and smiles from their onlookers. Though they were strangers, these two ducks were not a nuisance, but a pleasant surprise. However random these ducks were, they were a reminder that Fairmont becomes an instant home to all!

- Contributed by Barbara H., Prep ASB Senior Class President, Class of 2011

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