Thursday, May 19, 2011

THEATER: spring play review

FPA Theater Arts always comes up with something to impress us. This year’s spring production of Lisa Dillman’s Flung has been no different. While a comedy, Flung contained a very strong element of drama that we have not often seen in our productions, and it was done extremely well. 

The play is about four siblings, the Cotters, who have gathered at their father’s summer cottage on Lake Michigan to scatter his ashes two years after his death of cancer. Their father was a mysterious man who left his first wife to marry another woman, Ginny, who is the mother of the youngest of the Cotter siblings, Jade. Meryl, Matthew, and Win, are the children of his first marriage. 

All these siblings have their own problems. Jade, an outspoken, funny young girl played by the adorable Cindy Alvarado who finds everyone to be an “absolute muffin!” wants to marry her boyfriend, Devon, played by the rising talent Drake Plunkett. Little does Devon know that Jade is pregnant. Matthew, played by the talented Sean Kang, is the only one of his siblings who stayed to live with his father after his divorce from his mother, and he is about to lose custody of his children after a nasty divorce from his wife. 

The hilarious NassimKavezade plays Meryl, the resentful daughter who harbors a spiteful grudge against her father, who is also about to get divorced from her stiff but dependable husband Jim, played by the always phenomenal Keith Shaller. Very pregnant Win, well- played by Genesis Lovo, and her husband Doug, played by funnyman Dan Wang, are arguing over what to name their baby. Finally, there is Ginny, aptly played by JomanaAbdallah, the motherly widow, saddened by the loss of her husband and the state of his children, who either hate him or cannot get over his loss.

This is a story about family, and overcoming past prejudices. Growing up.Forgiveness. The end, while not perfect, results in a much closer family which has finally come to terms with reality and their relationship with the deceased man. Flung was a fantastic balance of profound and laugh- out- loud hilarious, and what makes it all the more amazing was that more than half of the cast were new actors. A few had taken part backstage but had never stood onstage, and the quality of this production showed no sign whatsoever of this. Everyone did a phenomenal job, and the play was a definite hit. 

The director Mr. Yoon, amazing as always, should be quite proud. All three nights ended with a great round of applause. 

- Contributed by Heidi M., Prep ASB Clubs Commissioner, Class of 2011

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  1. This play was the reason I was so excited to watch The Odd Couple (female version) this year. They were both amazing!


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