Friday, May 20, 2011

WEEK IN REVIEW: may 16-20

Theory of Knowledge Final Presentation
The entirety of the Mrs. Montenegro's TOK classes were to create and perform a mini-play parodying the IB diploma and its courses. The students collaborated and came up with an Inception-based play that would eventually lead to the dreamers (played by Hermina Sobhraj and Grant Liang) to join the IB program. Teachers were asked to attend the play Thursday to watch their students' interpretation of the last two years.


The skit opened with Hermina and Grant falling asleep, resulting in a dream that would change their high school lives. On the first level down, with Dr. Wood (Kirsten Nicassio) discussing with Mrs. Espinoza (Arianne Kalra) about convincing the sophomores to join IB. On the second level down, the juniors were already taking IB classes, going through classes and teachers and listening to their catchphrases. Finally, on the third level down, the idea that joining IB would impress colleges hit the two dreamers, who were then "kicked" back to reality. The skit closes with Hermina and Grant agreeing that joining IB would be a good idea, to which Dr. Wood replies she has already made their schedules.

Despite the short time students had to come up with the skit, it was a tremendous success that evoked much laughter from the faculty. Music numbers, which had their lyrics rewritten to fit the IB program, were performed by Phorum Sheth, James Kim, Heidi Messiha, Erika Altamirano, Nicole Mang, and Sejal Desai. Goofy imitations evoked a great deal of laughter from the audience and the skit officially concluded the end of these seniors' last final!

- Contributed by Barbara H., Prep ASB Senior Class President, Class of 2011

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