Tuesday, September 27, 2011

COLLEGE CORNER: UCSD/USD College Visitation Day

It's important to visit colleges and universities you might consider to attend. Visiting a school campus gives you a close-up look: an opportunity to focus on a specific academic program and actually experience college before you make a commitment. We encourage you to check out -a large and a small school or one urban and one small-town campus to get a feel for each campus life. On October 12, Fairmont Seniors will have the opportunity to visit two college campuses in San Diego. University of San Diego is a private religious affiliated four-year university; University of California San Diego is a four-year public university. Here's your chance; seize the opportunity and sign up for the college visit today! 

-Contributed by Mr. Ryan Huynh, International Counselor


  1. I wish I was a senior so that I could visit the amazing campuses! Hope all the seniors have fun. :]

  2. I agree with Mona... every year the seniors get so excited for touring colleges, and it gets me excited too! The prospect of going to college itself is just so exciting; I really can't wait to be a senior!

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