Tuesday, September 13, 2011


After the TiK-ToK Rally, students had the opportunity to relax and have some fun in the sun with their friends at the park. There were so many activities going on, that even students had a tough time deciding what to do! The choices varied from playing basketball, volleyball, soccer, hanging out with peers, and much more. Students even had the chance to hop into an over sized jump rope and show off their skills! 

HUGE jump rope!

The student body had the opportunity to take a short break from the fun and games to cool down with delicious frozen yogurt and even refuel on some delicious hot dogs and veggie burgers! And many teachers and students chose the challenge, to eat a giant slice of juicy watermelon! 

Field day was a great opportunity to meet new people, catch up with old friends, and make great memories!

-Contributed by Megan R., ASB Commissioner- at- Large, Class of 2014


  1. The giant jump rope was so much fun!

    -Omar Ali

  2. Field Day has given me high hopes for the homecoming rally coming up in November. I'm excited to see how its going to turn out!

  3. Jump rope during Field Day was great! Why was no one doing jump rope during the lunch time activity?

    -Shawn Pan

  4. Field Day was so much fun! It was a great opportunity to hang out with classmates. I can't wait until the next rally!
    -Aashna Parekh

  5. Field day was, by far the most fun day of school this year... well, of course, it was the only day we had without actual classes... haha... I hope we can put on a rally as great as this one in the upcoming rally!


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