Tuesday, September 20, 2011

STUDENT ACTIVITIES: How To Set Up Student Gmail

This year, each Fairmont Prep student will have his or her own student Gmail account! This email account will allow teachers to send important updates and will help students communicate with each other. Additionally, Gmail offers students access to useful functions like Google Documents, Google Calendar, Gmail Chat, and online registration for the After School Program. 

It just takes two easy steps to activate your Gmail account, and we ask that all students complete the activation process by this Friday, September 23.

Contributed by Alyssa


  1. The students should also send an email to their English teacher so that Fairmont knows whose accounts are activated. :]

  2. Although a lot of students aren't using these Fairmont Gmail accounts, I recommend doing so because it is very helpful when you need to separate your personal emails from your academic emails. ;D


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