Wednesday, October 26, 2011

HUSKY NEWSROOM: Barnes and Noble Bookfair

Join the Preparatory Academy on Friday, December 2nd to Sunday, December 4th at the Barnes and Noble Metro Pointe (901 B South Coast Drive Suite 150 Costa Mesa).   Help raise funds to implement a new e-reader program at Fairmont Prep.  Come out and see Fairmont Prep musical groups perform on Sunday, December4th.

Can't attend our bookfair at Barnes and Nobles?  Visit, to support us online from 12/2/11 to 12/9/11 by entering Bookfair ID 10589018 at check out.  A percentage of your Banes & Noble purchases will be donated to our program.  Visit for more information.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

ALUMNI: from the Class of 2010

Matin Fouladi, class of 2010, is a sophomore at University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) majoring in electrical engineering.  At UCLA, Matin is involved in numerous clubs including Robotics Club and MSA. He is learning to build robots in both the hardware and software side. In the MSA, he is part of MAPS, which is a tutor and mentor program for underprivileged students at a high school in East LA. Matin is also involved in research at UCLA, where he is helping design a vector processing unit to improve the speed and reduce the energy cost of a computer for large tasks.

Through leading Model United Nations and the Internship Club, Matin had the opportunity to learn leadership and allocating responsibility. Furhtermore, Matin made a difference by aiding children in the Fairmont Assist program as well as spending his senior year with the Big Brothers Big Sisters foundation. This experience has allowed Matin the extraordinary opportunity to help children academically in his college career as well.

Matin advices current high school students to be diligent and take high school as a learning experience. High school involves making many mistakes, and although students want to avoid these mistakes, the ones that do occur should be taken advantage of. Learn from them, and use what you learned as soon as possible. Both high school and college life are what you make of it, who you hang out with, and how much work you put into achieving what you want. GPA matters, but after that there are many things to consider. Find an interest, start your own club, try being a leader, join a club and BE ACTIVE, or just learn something that the you have always wanted to learn. In high school, you get caught up in the work and forget that you are building up to what you want to do. For example, if you want to make a cell phone app, just do it. Begin learning to program weekend by weekend and soon enough you'll have your app for androids being downloaded by the masses (or by the few, but you can always hope). Even for people pursuing business, science, math, English, etcetera there is always places you can explore. Do not be worried about your resume. "Worry about making something that will make you proud. That is my advice. And that is my goal in college. It’s never too early to achieve something great."

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

STUDENT ACTIVITIES: Lunch Time Activities

 This year, it is not unusual to walk out during lunch and hear various genres of music playing from the speakers. With the support of ASB and the Music and Spirit Commissioners, lunch-time activities have been an integral part of the Fairmont Lunch “Experience.” Most days, various music is played to the enjoyment of students munching on their snacks. But, every Thursday, students have the chance to participate in the lunch-time activity provided by ASB, from competing in a limbo contest to singing karaoke with friends. Great job ASB on making lunch an even better part of the school day!

-Contributed by Payal Patel, ASB President

Monday, October 17, 2011

ATHLETICS: Girls Varsity Volleyball Ranks 4th in Division

The Lady Huskies Volleyball team started off the year very strong, with a huge win against El Modena High School (ranked as a Division 1 team!). They continued to create their record with back-to-back wins against League competitor TVT High School. After two losses against very competitive schools in higher Divisions (JSerra Catholic and St. Josephs), the Lady Huskies came back even harder with another huge win against St. Mathias, a school they saw last year in the CIF Playoffs.

However, the week of October 3rd definitely gave the Volleyball team a huge boost in their Division rankings, with three straight wins against some of the toughest teams in their Division – school rival Connelly High School, higher-ranked Bell Jeff High School, and the (previously) undefeated Saddleback Valley Christian. Each match tested the mental and physical strength of every player. With those critical wins, the Huskies are currently ranked 4th in their Division. Thank you to all students and faculty members who came out to watch those three intense games!

-Contributed by Payal Patel, ASB President

Friday, October 14, 2011

ATHLETICS: Family Night Football Game

Last Saturday night, our Men’s Varsity Football Team gave their all out on the field at the  second home game of the season at Cerritos Valley Christian against Century High School for Fairmont Family Night! Students and teachers alike from all Fairmont Campuses came out to watch the game with their families and to cheer on the hardworking Huskies as they fought to score those points! The lively cheerleaders helped bring up the mood and kept both the Fairmont fans and the team going strong, even when Century High School scored. Throughout the game, the fans never lost hope in the Huskies as they tried their hardest to get the ball across the field.
Before the game began, the Citron students lead the crowd in singing the National Anthem.  During half-time, the JH and DLS football players from the Anaheim Hills, Edgewood and Mable Campus were introduced and participated a punt-pass-kick competition.  Not only was it the closest contest as far as results are concerned, but it was also great to see the good spirited interaction between the participants. The 1st place winner was Brayden Webster from Anaheim Hills. The second place finisher was Kyle Cartwright also from Anaheim Hills. At the end of the competition there was a three way tie for second place. An overtime round of field goals couldn’t produce a winner until Cartwright hit a 20 yarder in the 2nd overtime to squeak by Edgewood JH’ers Omar Khan and Alex Jamal. It was a great night for all. The smiles on each of the boys' faces proved that without a doubt. High fives go out to Zeke Levin, Max Lyster and Kayden Sheetz who also did a great job on Saturday night. For his winning effort Brayden received a Football and a $25 gift certificate to Sports Authority. Kyle Cartwright also took home a football for his 2nd place finish.
In the second half, the crowd went wild as quarterback Bobby Varnadoe scored two touchdowns for the team, and the band played spirited music each time the Huskies made some progress throughout the game. By the end, although our team had lost 14 to 28, all that mattered was the effort and heart the boys put into the game; they were sweating as though they had just showered! Overall, the Family Night game was an awesome experience for Fairmont students, teachers, and staff, and we all enjoyed cheering on our favorite football team!

 -Contributed by Lubna Kabir, ASB Publicity Commissioner

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

MUSIC: Concert Choir

2011-12 Concert Choir
The 2011-12 school year kicked off with a bang and our Husky Musicians are busy at work once again!This year, Concert Choir has expanded from twenty members to forty members strong. The proud choir received its fourth riser this past week and is busy preparing all sorts of music to start the winter season with a bang. Ms. Stacey Barta, Choir Director, submitted an audition tape this weekend to the Disney Precession, a holiday based event that unites numerous choirs and provides performances for the general public during the holiday season. Concert Choir is also preparing for their annual winter concert performance. Requests for certain Christmas pieces have already been received and Concert Choir is very excited to bring the school into the holidays season with holiday jingles. Our talented musicians are also invited to an inaugural music festival in London. They will be traveling to London, England this coming April representing Fairmont Prep in a competition. I have high hopes and faith that these Huskies will once again bring home numerous trophies and awards. I am very proud of you Huskies, keep up the great work!

-Contributed by Hilary Ming, Concert Choir vocalist