Tuesday, October 25, 2011

ALUMNI: from the Class of 2010

Matin Fouladi, class of 2010, is a sophomore at University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) majoring in electrical engineering.  At UCLA, Matin is involved in numerous clubs including Robotics Club and MSA. He is learning to build robots in both the hardware and software side. In the MSA, he is part of MAPS, which is a tutor and mentor program for underprivileged students at a high school in East LA. Matin is also involved in research at UCLA, where he is helping design a vector processing unit to improve the speed and reduce the energy cost of a computer for large tasks.

Through leading Model United Nations and the Internship Club, Matin had the opportunity to learn leadership and allocating responsibility. Furhtermore, Matin made a difference by aiding children in the Fairmont Assist program as well as spending his senior year with the Big Brothers Big Sisters foundation. This experience has allowed Matin the extraordinary opportunity to help children academically in his college career as well.

Matin advices current high school students to be diligent and take high school as a learning experience. High school involves making many mistakes, and although students want to avoid these mistakes, the ones that do occur should be taken advantage of. Learn from them, and use what you learned as soon as possible. Both high school and college life are what you make of it, who you hang out with, and how much work you put into achieving what you want. GPA matters, but after that there are many things to consider. Find an interest, start your own club, try being a leader, join a club and BE ACTIVE, or just learn something that the you have always wanted to learn. In high school, you get caught up in the work and forget that you are building up to what you want to do. For example, if you want to make a cell phone app, just do it. Begin learning to program weekend by weekend and soon enough you'll have your app for androids being downloaded by the masses (or by the few, but you can always hope). Even for people pursuing business, science, math, English, etcetera there is always places you can explore. Do not be worried about your resume. "Worry about making something that will make you proud. That is my advice. And that is my goal in college. It’s never too early to achieve something great."


  1. That's very inspiring advice! I used to think that school was just a form of torture, but I have learned that it is actually a valuable opportunity to do something great! Great job at UCLA Matin, and I will definitely use your advice!

  2. Good job Matin and continue the hard work!


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