Friday, October 14, 2011

ATHLETICS: Family Night Football Game

Last Saturday night, our Men’s Varsity Football Team gave their all out on the field at the  second home game of the season at Cerritos Valley Christian against Century High School for Fairmont Family Night! Students and teachers alike from all Fairmont Campuses came out to watch the game with their families and to cheer on the hardworking Huskies as they fought to score those points! The lively cheerleaders helped bring up the mood and kept both the Fairmont fans and the team going strong, even when Century High School scored. Throughout the game, the fans never lost hope in the Huskies as they tried their hardest to get the ball across the field.
Before the game began, the Citron students lead the crowd in singing the National Anthem.  During half-time, the JH and DLS football players from the Anaheim Hills, Edgewood and Mable Campus were introduced and participated a punt-pass-kick competition.  Not only was it the closest contest as far as results are concerned, but it was also great to see the good spirited interaction between the participants. The 1st place winner was Brayden Webster from Anaheim Hills. The second place finisher was Kyle Cartwright also from Anaheim Hills. At the end of the competition there was a three way tie for second place. An overtime round of field goals couldn’t produce a winner until Cartwright hit a 20 yarder in the 2nd overtime to squeak by Edgewood JH’ers Omar Khan and Alex Jamal. It was a great night for all. The smiles on each of the boys' faces proved that without a doubt. High fives go out to Zeke Levin, Max Lyster and Kayden Sheetz who also did a great job on Saturday night. For his winning effort Brayden received a Football and a $25 gift certificate to Sports Authority. Kyle Cartwright also took home a football for his 2nd place finish.
In the second half, the crowd went wild as quarterback Bobby Varnadoe scored two touchdowns for the team, and the band played spirited music each time the Huskies made some progress throughout the game. By the end, although our team had lost 14 to 28, all that mattered was the effort and heart the boys put into the game; they were sweating as though they had just showered! Overall, the Family Night game was an awesome experience for Fairmont students, teachers, and staff, and we all enjoyed cheering on our favorite football team!

 -Contributed by Lubna Kabir, ASB Publicity Commissioner

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