Tuesday, October 4, 2011

MUSIC: Concert Choir

2011-12 Concert Choir
The 2011-12 school year kicked off with a bang and our Husky Musicians are busy at work once again!This year, Concert Choir has expanded from twenty members to forty members strong. The proud choir received its fourth riser this past week and is busy preparing all sorts of music to start the winter season with a bang. Ms. Stacey Barta, Choir Director, submitted an audition tape this weekend to the Disney Precession, a holiday based event that unites numerous choirs and provides performances for the general public during the holiday season. Concert Choir is also preparing for their annual winter concert performance. Requests for certain Christmas pieces have already been received and Concert Choir is very excited to bring the school into the holidays season with holiday jingles. Our talented musicians are also invited to an inaugural music festival in London. They will be traveling to London, England this coming April representing Fairmont Prep in a competition. I have high hopes and faith that these Huskies will once again bring home numerous trophies and awards. I am very proud of you Huskies, keep up the great work!

-Contributed by Hilary Ming, Concert Choir vocalist


  1. Good luck in being accepted to the Disney Precession! I looking forward to the winter performance.

  2. Wow you guys are amazing for being such a great choir that you get to travel overseas to spread your talent around the world! Have fun in London when you go, and I also hope you make it into the Disney Precession!


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