Tuesday, October 18, 2011

STUDENT ACTIVITIES: Lunch Time Activities

 This year, it is not unusual to walk out during lunch and hear various genres of music playing from the speakers. With the support of ASB and the Music and Spirit Commissioners, lunch-time activities have been an integral part of the Fairmont Lunch “Experience.” Most days, various music is played to the enjoyment of students munching on their snacks. But, every Thursday, students have the chance to participate in the lunch-time activity provided by ASB, from competing in a limbo contest to singing karaoke with friends. Great job ASB on making lunch an even better part of the school day!

-Contributed by Payal Patel, ASB President


  1. Ok... I'm a student at Fairmont Prep...
    And my friends and I would appreciate it if you could lower the volume a bit........
    It really hurts our ears....
    Thank you......

  2. Thank you for playing good music during lunch time.
    :) :)

  3. Payal. Good article, especially the part about spirit commissioner!


  4. Great job for playing the music at lunch. It keeps people alive and happy! :-)


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