Tuesday, November 15, 2011

STUDENT ACTIVITIES: Teacher Night Football Game

On Saturday, October 29th a few of the Fairmont Prep teachers showed off their awesome choreographing and dancing skills during half-time! Fans and students alike were able to see a different but exciting side of the teachers! The teachers rocked the field, dancing to the song “Party Rock Anthem!” The dance was choreographed by Ms. Barta, and the crowd went wild and stood up to dance! Great job teachers and way to bring the spirit!  The teachers who danced were-Dr. Terra, Mrs. Terra, Mrs. Cribbs, Ms. Barta, Ms. Lan, Ms. Tarneja, Mrs. Vasquez, Mrs. Gerwatosky, Ms. Aguilar, Mrs. Hanneman, and Ms. Huey.

Also, special thanks to ASB who came to help serve the teachers and FPA Music who came to sing the national anthem and play pep band music. GO HUSKIES!


  1. OMG the teachers' dance was hilarious... I recorded it on my phone, so now I can use it as blackmail whenever my teacher gives too much work... I'm just kidding, I would never do that!

  2. I have to agree with Lubna. The teachers outdo themselves every year!

  3. Those teachers are awesome. I still remember last year's talent show. Students were screaming for teachers' show!


  4. My favorite part was when the teachers were shuffling!!!!

  5. Our teacher's can shuffle better than half the students on campus! You guys are amazing! I hope to see more teacher performances in the future!!! :)

    -Payal Patel

  6. Great job to all teachers who performed!


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