Tuesday, January 17, 2012

CLUBS: Free the Slaves

Free the Slaves has been a very productive club in the past two years at Fairmont, and it is truly a shame that we only have the opportunity to recognize them in a better light.  This club held a benefit concert to raise money and awareness for these slaves across the globe.  This event was was a collaboration with University High and together they raised over one thousand dollars in less than two hours.  Some of our very own Fairmont students participated in the concert.  Aditii Sinha, president of the club, was one of the singers for the concert.  As a high school student Aditi Sinha, knows that her avenues are limited, but still does her best to support a good cause .  "I was inspired to become an anti-slavery activist after attending Free the Slaves annual Freedom Awards Show in 2008."  With her friends and family, Aditi has done a trememdous job and still strives for more.  Lets help her and Free the Slaves!

For more information about the Free the Slaves Foundation and a closer look at Aditi Sinha, visit their website at http://ftsblog.net.

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  1. Help raise money for Free the Slaves!


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