Tuesday, January 31, 2012

STUDENT ACTIVITIES: Battle of the Sexes Rally

On Friday, January 27th, the Huskies had their successful Battle of the Sexes rally. The theme was “Baby Battle of the Sexes,” and the gym was filled with baby pink and blue-colored balloons and other decorations. The rally had fresh, new games, including a race in which the teachers had to ride a small tricycle while being attacked by the balloons that ASB was throwing. In the teacher race, Ms. Lucia won and accumulated points for the girls. Great job Ms. Lucia!! However, in the student race, which included dressing up build-a-bears, melting ice that contained a tiny doll in the core, and searching for a pacifier in a mashed potato salad.  However, in the end the boys won along with the points.  The boys also won points for Tug-of-War, and overall, the males won the Battle of the Sexes Rally! Congratulations! Thank you to all of our participants for volunteering and playing the rally games! We hope you had fun!


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